The ongoing COVID pandemic has devastated many economies around the globe and disrupted life in ways that were unimaginable before couple of years. As we all know the world will never be the same as before 2020. But at some point, all businesses had to start and people will start travelling again.

We asked marketing-revenue coach & consultant for independent hotels – Mr. Alessandro Crotti to share his thoughts on how travel industry will change once the coronavirus pandemic finally recedes and how to restore confidence in travellers to book your hotel directly.

This webinar is designed for hotel operators who are looking to navigate ever evolving hotel online bookings and plan for the future with robust marketing strategies.

Join us for a Webinar led by expert, panelist and moderator, and learn more about:

  • The one ‘big’ thing has changed when people book travel
  • Preparing for the new normal and recurring lockdowns
  • Where to find people that are booking right now
  • Real-life examples of the industry’s leading direct booking strategies
  • How to find new potential customers for your hotel, building up advanced audiences either in Google or Facebook

Webinar: Reimagining Revenue Management