There are no two thoughts on the fact that understanding revenue management is the cornerstone of running a profitable hotel. COVID pandemic coupled with travel restrictions and general travellers anxiety have complicated hotel distribution and added new costs and challenges for hoteliers. With many hotels across the globe reopened but running at low occupancy, hotel marketers must look ahead to align their marketing strategy for a continuously evolving landscape and a new guest experience.

Today, successful hotel operators are using a versatile revenue management strategy to better segment, forecast and price hotel rooms and see immediate results in driving more revenue and many hotels are looking for expert guidance, industry best practices for more efficient ways to manage their hotel.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the necessary strategies to get started, to tackle your distribution in a way that delivers the most revenue for your hotel, as well as real-life examples of how it can increase the RevPAR and profit of your hotel.

Join us for a Webinar led by expert, panelists and moderator, and learn more about:

  • Optimized pricing strategy
  • How to do market segmentation
  • How to control your hotel Inventory
  • Which are the effective tools and what are the best practices
  • Developing strategies to adapt and thrives
  • Revenue management & Commercial strategy