POS Software

We wanted to build a Point of Sale software that helps you sell more, serve better and reduce your costs at the same time. And we did just that.



Designed to cater to restaurants, pubs, bars,
coffee shops, room service and take aways.

The Features

Order taking
With cloud POS and android POS, quickly take orders and have them remotely print in kitchen thus saving precious wait time.​
Printer Routing
Route the print bill process
As part of POS, checks/statements can be settled by card, cash, coupons or even added to your guest’s room, payable upon checkout. Moreover, a sole check could be settled with a mix of payments. Post every shift, the cashier’s settlement can be printed as well.
Guest bill transfer
Instant transfer to room
Reporting and archives
Uplift your sales by serving your guests your most popular dish. mycloud has a number of statistical reports included. For example, item sales statistics (also called the popularity list), cover statistics by meal times, day of week sales trends and more. Reports may be printed, viewed on screen or exported to formats like pdf, xls and csv. Check images are archived in a text format and can be reprinted. Operations and management reports can be printed for any period.
Outlets, menu and products configuration
Configure multiple F&B or non F&B outlets, with unlimited items and multiple user access.​
Android Touché POS
Android Touché inherits all the features and strengths of Touché POS, but, is intended for use on cost-effective Android hardware. Android Touché reduces table turnaround time by allowing table side order taking & instant printing of KOTs, and by allowing select settlement modes, also table side. Android Touché may be used - connected with a local Touché server in the outlet, over Wi-fi, or with a remote Touché server- over broadband Internet. Android Touché is the key to serving more guests on busy days, increasing revenues and hence achieving better profits.
Desktop Touché POS
Touché is a versatile software system for independent and chain food & beverage service operations. Its modules can be configured to meet the specific requirements of different sub-segments of the F&B business. Since introduction at the start of this millennium, Touché has been implemented at over 1000 sites in 30 countries.


I am able to attract and improve revenues because of complete automation and integrated e-distribution. The system is able to create accurate forecasts which result is us being able to better manage guest expectations. I strongly recommend mycloud to hotels that work across different platforms and multiple locations.

  • moses barnabas
  • Moses Barnabas XVA Art Hotel

mycloud, property management system has been very helpful with managing and organizing our hotel operations. If I have any questions, comments, or concerns, mycloud team is always willing to help me. I always get a very quick response from them! Amazing support!

  • audrey_stevens
  • Audrey StevensLegend of French Lick Resort

mycloud PMS runs at it bests to ensure smoothness of our front office department, also keeping accurate track record of statistics for the management team in order to make vital decision.

  • Alex-Bressers
  • Alex BressersBYD Lofts Boutique Hotel &
    Serviced Apartments

We travel a lot and want to be able to see how the occupancy is at anytime. We wanted a technology, which could connect our HO to property and also help us manage multiple properties. With mycloud adoption not only have we streamlined our operations but also seen a 20% jump in occupancy. It has allowed us to, with the same amount of staff, grow our company and plan for future growth.

  • nesar
  • NesarN-Hospitality


  • Mobility

    Meet the Mobile Android POS, cost-effective tablet solution that will help elevate guest interactions from ordinary to extraordinary!

  • Zero Capex

    Cloud-based point of sale (POS) systems provide numerous advantages over more traditional hardwired POS systems, one of which is a significant reduction in costs, especially to small business owners.

  • Payment Processing

    mycloud POS works with your existing credit card reader to accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards.

  • Hardware Compatibility

    Already invested in a windows POS computer? We can work with that.

  • Zero maintenance costs

    Free upgrades and update.

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Hotels as small as 2 rooms property to 300 rooms city hotels. mycloud provides extreme amount of customization, and users can setup parameters to suit their hotel property operations


Can I use Point of Sale (POS) on tablets and touchscreens?

Yes, mycloud POS a versatile and functionally powerful electronic point of sale (e-POS) system that may be used on any touchscreen hardware and tablets.

Can I print KOT directly into kitchens?

Yes, our POS automatically routes KOT’s to respective kitchens. This will help a user to raise a KOT directly into the kitchen when an order is placed. The KOT will show the item names and any special instruction entered related to food preparation.

Is mycloud POS scalable if we add locations or terminals?

Yes, you can easily add as many POS and terminals as required for the operations.

How does mycloud POS enhance guest services?

mycloud point of sale (POS) reduces table turnaround time by allowing table side order taking & instant printing of KOTs, and by allowing select settlement modes, also tableside. It is designed for rapid order entry, kitchen coordination, accounting, and settlements. It compares well with best-of-breed POS systems.

Is the mycloud POS mobile-friendly?

Yes, mycloud POS is not only device responsive but it too offers an android based mobile app also.

Does mycloud POS receive real-time information from PMS?

Yes, mycloud POS is a cloud-based and fully integrated with not only PMS but other modules of mycloud hotel software also. The data between POS and PMS transfers in real-time and seamlessly.

How does mycloud POS manage inventory?

mycloud POS is integrated with a back-office solution to manage purchase, stores and inventory.

Can I calculate F&B Costing?

Yes, our POS integrated with back-office system offers a complte F&B costing module, users can define recipies, manage ingredients, multiple stores and kitchens. Each day based on POS sales and consumption in kitchens, system can provide accurate food cost.

Can I get POS analytical reports to analyze sales and fast-moving items?

Yes, mycloud POS provides operational and analytical reports, per outlet, per group of outlets, and for all outlets, in a consolidated or comparative view. The reports database can also be exported, by those qualified to do so, to Business Intelligence and other analytical tools for further ‘slicing’ and ‘dicing’.