This document describes the new features affected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:
1. About the Release
2. Improvements
3. Additional Resources

About the Release
Release Date: 15th May 2023

This release contains the following improvements.

🚀 Improvements

PMS => Invoice

Our GST and proforma Invoices are enhanced to show the “discount percentage” applied for a particular invoice and show rates before and after the discount along with applicable Taxes.

GST invoices have been modified to show complete details of guests along with group and corporate information as shown in the above screen.

PMS => Confirmation letter

Our website booking engine is optimized to add multiple email ids to the confirmation letter and the same confirmation email will be sent to multiple people like “guest” and “system administrator”.

PMS => Groups

A new button “Download Discount” has been added to the group screen. Using this button, group leader discount details can be downloaded to other group members with a click.

Additional Resources
To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –