This document describes the new features affected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Improvements
4. Additional Resources

About the Release
Release Date: 15th Feb 2023

This release contains the following new features.

👍 New Features

PMS: Reports => Archive Transaction Void Report

New report has been added under “Transactions Register” section of “Archive Reports” to give our customers a reference/log of all the transactions voided to a specific guest by a specific user.


PMS: Interface => ResAvenue Channel Manager


mycloud now interfaces with ResAvenue channel manager to help hotel properties to send availability and rates to ResAvenue and receive reservations booked delivered automatically to the PMS providing hotels with a simple, intuitive, and responsive user experience across all devices.

🚀 Improvements

PMS: mycloud Achieves VAPT Certification

mycloud hospitality has passed an assessment conducted by TechDefence Labs, an information security-based innovation center’s certified VAPT-engineers and mycloud technology adheres to web application security project (WASP) standards.

PMS: CRS => Send Single Email for Multiple Bookings


We have introduced an option in Central Reservation System to send single confirmation letter via email/SMS for multi room bookings.

By using this function, a hotel can send one single confirmation letter to a guest with a same external reference number.

Additional Resources
To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –