This document describes the new features effected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Additional Resources

About the Release
Release Date: 20th December 2021

This release contains the following new features.

👍 New Features

PMS/POS: Introduced Report Scheduler

We have introduced a schedule report option that allows users to schedule the report to be sent as an email with the report attachment to a specific group of users. Reports can be scheduled for email from the report screen itself.

PMS: Modified Group Functionality to Have Group Block/Room List Concept

We have improved the group module to create the group block before adding rooms/bookings to the group. This restriction can be applied by enabling a flag under the advance control setup setting in PMS. If the flag is OFF, the system will work as it works currently, and no need to create group blocks before adding rooms/bookings to the group. If the flag is ON, users will not be able to add rooms/bookings to the group without making group blocks against room types and stay dates.

We have done some modifications to the group block screen to make the system more user-friendly. The list of modifications is given below.

  • Group block: this will be visible only if the control (Enable group block for group bookings) is ON
  • Check-in: Group members can be checked-in from the same screen
  • Assign Rooms: Group members can be assigned rooms from the same screen
  • Check-out: Group members can be checked-out from the same screen
  • Print Folio/Invoice: Folios/Invoices can be printed of group members from the same screen
  • Group block summary section has been modified to show blocked numbers for date and room type
  • Add Rooms/Link existing reservation icon will not available if control (Enable group block for group bookings) is ON. As room will be added from group block screen only

Apart from that, some reports for the group are modified by giving the option to search bookings by “Group Name”, Individual or Group Bookings Flag. Moreover, two reports have been modified to have more columns and one new report has been added under “Manager Reports”.

Interface: Introduced Interface with Textlocal

We have introduced an interface with an award-winning SMS platform named Textlocal. Now, hotel guests will receive SMS regarding booking confirmation, booking cancellation, and SMS having a payment link to do POS billing payment through the web app.

🚀 Improvements

Interface: Payment Gateway => Implemented S2S Solution of Ingenico

We have implemented the S2S solution proposed by Ingenico to capture the payment status in PMS without failure. With regards to it, we have created a secure web page (in our payment gateway application; HTTPS2.0) that will accept the request from Ingenico at a predefined interval and process the request, and update the payment status in PMS.

Interface: SmartLink – PMS => Implemented Option to Have Complete DB Synchronization

WebAPI2.0 has been modified to have a new API endpoint for SmartLink to complete DB synchronization.

API End Pont URL:

Additional Resources
To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –