This document describes the new features effected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Additional Resources

About the Release
Release Date: 1st October 2021

This release contains the following new features.

πŸ‘ New Features

PMS: Introduced Item Inventory Management

We have introduced option to Upsell, down sell and close the additional ancillary Items and packages on day-to-day basis. This can be found in PMS under manager functions, inventory management.

PMS: Introduced Option to Upload Customized Excel

Now mycloud PMS users can download multiple reports such as guest list, MIS reports, settlement reports in excel, and upload their own customized excel report format using our report up-loader.Β 

PMS: Introduced Automated Thank You Email

Hotel user can now setup automated Thank you letter in email to check-out guests, which will send a thank you letter to the guest as he departs from hotel, this option can be enabled from mycloud PMS under parameter setup, advanced control setup.

PMS: Interface with Ingenico EDC for Cashless Payments

Ingenico offers the widest range of smart EDC terminals, which combines cutting-edge technology with the highest security requirements and can be paired with mycloud software. Ingenico is PCI DSS compliant with all local regulations, they enable all cashless payment methods and cater especially to the hospitality industry.

PMS: Interface with STR for Hotel Analytics

STR deliver provides confidential, accurate and actionable data analytics and marketplace insights especially for hospitality industry. Mycloud hospitality has an API Interface with STR’s comprehensive solutions to empower our clients to strategize and compete within their markets.

Additional Resources

To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –