mycloud PMS is a comprehensive cloud-based service managing a hotel’s guest facing operations.

mycloud PMS functionality spans –

  • front desk hotel software,
  • hotel booking system,
  • motel management system,
  • online hotel booking system,
  • rooms availability & rates management,
  • repeat guest profiles & history,
  • contracts management,
  • web bookings through your hotel’s web site,
  • management of availability & rates at 3rd party web sites,
  • reservations made directly at your hotel,
  • front desk operations including guest accounting,
  • housekeeping,
  • points-of-sale order taking & settlements,
  • debtors accounting and
  • management reporting and sales analysis .

mycloud- web based front desk management software is easy to configure to the specific needs of your hotel and easy to use with little or no training at all. Our helpdesk is available 24/7 to assist you, if at all you need assistance.

You may already know that cloud based services offer many benefits –

  • Little or no up-front investment and quick start-up
  • No long term contract and easy exit option and
  • You are free of system administration responsibilities.

Yet, you may hesitate to try it due to concerns about reliability, security and data ownership. mycloud PMS offers answers to each of these concerns.

For reliability, mycloud PMS is hosted on high availability servers with disaster recovery back-ups intended to provide 99.5% up-time, uses very low bandwidth so that you can afford redundant back-up Internet connections broadband or even 3G/4G, sends you key operational reports by email, once each night, for use in the event of any disaster, allows you to download a recent emergency package of reports at any time through the day, as further protection against disasters,

Access security to your database is controlled in mycloud PMS?

  • by authorizing users and assigning rights to them to perform specific tasks and
  • disabling users to access your system from any except specified IP addresses.

Your data is your own property. You can ask for and receive a copy of your data at any time through your contract to use mycloud PMS or when you determine to end the contract. A nominal charge may apply.

In short, mycloud PMS is the cloud based hotel management software that you wished for.


Q. What is Cloud Solution?

The name comes from the common use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing, is a style of computing where IT-related capabilities are provided “as a service,” allowing users to access technology-enabled services “in the cloud” without knowledge or expertise and control over the technology infrastructure that supports them. Cloud offers Lower cost of ownership, quicker training, faster company-wide updates and a quick return-on-investment.

Q. What is mycloud PMS?

mycloud PMS is an web based most innovative, powerful yet cost-effective Hotel Management Software with an integrated online booking and Channel Manager. It covers all relevant aspects of efficiently managing hotel operations. For the first time a Hotel Management Software truly merges the sales and operational side of a hotel into a single system. It is centrally hosted and provided as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).Prologic First developed the product for all accommodation providers from independent hotels to international hotel groups.

Q. How long does it take to start using mycloud PMS?

mycloud has been designed for easy set-up and operation. System comes with Witty Wizard and will help you manage complete setup process easily and it will take just a few hours for hotel staff to be efficiently using the system.

What are my computer system requirements?

Unlike a traditional PMS, mycloud PMS runs via the Internet not your local computer. All you need is

1) A Web browser e.g. Internet Explorer and

2) Adobe Acrobat (both are free to download).

Q. What is the hardware requirement to use mycloud PMS?

A normal computer that you use at your office or home and which could connect to internet is all you need. This helps hotels to save their money from the investment in high end hardware.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?

While high-speed Internet access is recommended, mycloud PMS works well with cellular Internet, satellite and even with 56K dial-up. The reliability and quality of your connection is actually more important than the speed of your connection.

What about browser compatibility? Which browsers are supported?

Currently, mycloud PMS supports Internet Explorer,Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Q. How can I start using mycloud PMS?

You can start by taking two weeks free trial we offer. Professional services such as training, initial setup help,configuration, data migration “if required” are charged at an hourly or project rate, apart from this there are no hidden charges. The pricing includes free 24/7 support and all software upgrades. You can request a demo by going to

Q. Where all can I access mycloud PMS?

mycloud PMS is available based on “Cloud computing” technology and “SaaS” Software as a Service concept and can be accessed worldwide.

Q. What happens if my Internet crashes and I cannot access mycloud PMS?

Internet or Computer problems: No problem, simply move to another computer or another location where you can access internet or connect a 3G phone to your computer and get online to access mycloud PMS. Since mycloud PMS does not actually run on your computers, no information will be lost if your primary computer experiences problems. Internet problems: We recommend that you set-up an alternate method of connecting to the Internet such as another high speed connection through an alternate provider, a cellular Internet connection or even a backup 56K dial-up connection.Note: Each night, mycloud PMS automatically emails you the next dayâ??s check-in/check-out receipts and a spreadsheet of reservation information for the next one month. While these emails are usually disregarded, they can be used in the event you cannot access the Internet.

Q. Does mycloud PMS handle multiple properties?

Yes, mycloud PMS is designed to handle multiple properties,users have common user id and password for multiple properties with different hotel codes.

Q. Will there be any downtime?

Yes, We need to maintain and update our server and users are intimated well in advance of downtime. Usually this downtime ranges between 5-10 minutes and we ensure it has minimal impact to your working. Allour customers get a notification on the login window about the maintenance that is scheduled. So that they can prepare themselves with required reports, or checkout bills.

Q. What are the charges for using mycloud PMS?

mycloud PMS charges you a flat rate per room per month. This means a small price for a small hotel. Please visit the page for pricing details.

Q. Can I host mycloud PMS on my server?

mycloud PMS is a Cloud based solution and as a SaaS. We do have solutions that can be easily deployed on local servers and can run in-house. Infact our solutions can manage every single aspect of independent hotel or hotel groups which could be a 50 room property or a premium luxury hotel with 500 and up rooms. Please mail us on and we will get in touch with you to provide you with best fit solution.

Q. Do you offer interface with Hotel Channel Management?

Yes, mycloud PMS has interface with one of the best Channel Managers – Siteminder.

Q. Does mycloud PMS offer Payment Gateway integration?

Yes, we provide PG integration with various online credit card processors like PAYPAL, Google check out, CCAvenue, DirectPay and many others.

Unlimited number of POS’s can be created on mycloud PMS, and they can all run as part of the Hotel setup.

Q. How many POS or Point of Sale’s are possible in mycloud PMS? Does the POS support touch-screen?

The POS system in mycloud PMS can be either used from desktop or touch screen, and can easily let you manage your restaurants, bars, gift-shops, Spa and more.

Q. What all reports do you offer in mycloud PMS? Can I export the reports in excel file or pdf file?

mycloud PMS offers over 50 reports and many graphs. Yes, You can also export the reports in Excel and PDF.

Q. Support is a big issue for me? how does mycloud PMS provide support?

We built mycloud PMS to meet the highest reliability standards and ease of use. But we know that if something doesn’t work the way you expect, there is only one aspect that really counts: fast and competent problem resolution. So if you or your staff faces difficulties using mycloud PMS, a competent support engineer is ready to help – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Our support personnel can even share your screen remotely to help pinpoint the problem and solution.

Q. Is my data safe?

Yes! Your reservation and accounting data is stored in a secure computer facility complete with redundant connections to the Internet. To prevent loss of data due to computer failure, this information is continually backed-up to secondary and tertiary systems and mirrored and monitored 24 Hrs.

Q. If I don’t like mycloud PMS – how long do I have to stay with you?

Price is an important aspect but equally important (and often forgotten) is the cancellation policy. Most vendors make you pay a hefty up-front fee and then lock you into a multi-year support or upgrade package. Such contracts benefit the vendor, but not the hotel. At mycloud PMS we follow a simple philosophy – if you like our system and it helps you to achieve your goals, you will stay with mycloud PMS. If you are for any reason dissatisfied, you will change or cancel at a single month’s notice. We want to keep you as our customer so we will strive month after month to keep you happy. Sound reasonable to you?

About The Author

Deepak Chauhan

Deepak Chauhan is responsible for marketing and positioning of “mycloud” platform and is a veteran in the hotel software industry with over 25 years’ experience giving him a strong understanding of the product requirements in the industry. He has very rare mix of working in operations of various hotels and chains for over 10 years and then co-founding a software product and service company, servicing 5 star hotels and chains for 14 years.

Deepak has led the development and marketing of cloud based hospitality systems to meet the specific, business objectives of small and mid-size properties across the globe and has worked closely with a diverse group of hoteliers and hotel technology vendors.