Secure Access from Anywhere

Authorize users to access mycloud pms system but limit what tasks they can perform and where they can access the system from.  User rights are role based and easy to assign. Keep your vital PMS data and system secure.

High Availability

mycloud PMS is configured for reliable and uninterrupted operations. It is hosted in a secure data centre with back-ups and redundancy to provide 99.5% up-time.  Data is backed up frequently so that recovery, in the unlikely event of a disaster, can be within 4 hours.

mycloud PMS is optimized to need minimal bandwidth. So, in the event of a network failure, operations may be switched to an alternative lower bandwidth network. The alternative network, in an emergency, could even be a mobile 3G or 4G connection.

Electronic Distribution and Sales

Bookings can be delivered to mycloud PMS from anywhere. Through your web site, using mycloud IRS â?? an integrated web booking engine that operates within a frame in your hotel or chainâ??s web site. From 3rd party hotel reservation web sites, via mycloudCM â?? a channel manager integrated with mycloud PMS. Or, direct at your hotel using the in-built mycloud PMS reservations features.

A single image of inventory is presented to all distribution and sales channels so that there is never any risk of overbooking and consequent cost of walks. An architecture that more expensive PMSs aspire to but rarely, if ever, achieve. An architecture that is designed to allow last-room sales resulting in higher REVPAR,

A Comprehensive Front Office Service

mycloud PMS includes most all the IT functions required by guest facing staff and managers in a hotel. This includes sales, rooms division, food & beverage and city ledger. Industry standard interfaces are available to interface mycloud PMS with 3rd party systems and products. More modules are being added in the mycloud family to make mycloud the most comprehensive hotel software service platform available.

Your Data is Your Data

A key concern in using outsourced cloud based services is ownership of data. Not with mycloud PMS. Your data clearly belongs to you. We will not disclose your data to any one else. And, will provide you a copy of your data, on demand, in a useable format.

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About mycloud

mycloud is developed and promoted by Prologic Firstâ?? a hospitality technology innovator and a leading international hospitality IT solutions provider.

Prologic First is a group of companies that develops and internationally markets integrated software solutions for the hospitality sector. Prologic First software solutions are in use at more than 1000 sites in 30 countries. Professionals formed Prologic First more than a decade ago with extensive experience in developing and deploying hotel IT solutions. For more information visit

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