Mobile POS, (mobile point of sale) refers to mobile devices that function as order-taking devices. Depending on the type of software, the Mobile POS solutions can be in the form of stand-alone devices that can be connected to the payment gateways for processing cards. They can also be used when connected over Wi-Fi to other devices or an online cloud to punch in orders and print KOT remotely at the kitchen. The customer data is stored in cloud servers after encryption to help in the protection of cardholder data. These devices can also have small USB attachments to swipe cards, and they can be used to collect and process payments via payment gateways. Depending on the software system, it can be PCI complaint hence ensuring card data is protected and secured. This is one of the features that make Mobile POS the best in the market today.

During this time and age, we have come to see the huge influence that mobile technology has in our lives. We’ve also come to terms with the impact of The Internet and wireless connections on how we relate with our guests, interact, engage, and sell to them, sales and guest satisfaction are one of the most important factors in restaurants. The biggest of challenges that many hoteliers have to cope with is the fact that their customers are well-informed and have high demands, which they expect to be met. Most customers in the current generation dislike waiting at desks and reservation tables, and when they leave, this makes sales go away. On the other hand, the traditional methods that entailed installing additional point of sales (POS) desktops at waiter stations and welcome desks for reservations are expensive. Below, we’ll take a tour into the world of mobile POS and see the unlimited benefits that it offers.

1. Improvements in Customer Experience

Mobile broadband is one of the fastest growing pieces of technology that’s currently revolutionizing the course of human history. I will heavily vouch for the notable change in speed and also the excellent availability of the current mobile networks. Taking advantage of this huge milestone, we can all bear witness to the effect it’s had on travel as well as hotel experiences.

All the factors that I’ve just mentioned above have facilitated the growth of Mobile POS solutions. In return, these systems have enabled the availability of better, integrated customer service solutions. Good examples would be; the best Mobile POS system, helping guests in a hotel to have their drinks ordered even from the poolside without having to wait in lines like before. It has also made it easier for guests to make and receive payments using mobile wallets or PCI certified credit card processing instead of having to process unsecured payments or depend on cash.

2. Improved Security

One of the other major benefits of the advent of Mobile POS is the advancement in both security and accessibility to guest data. The transactions that you authorize from your Mobile POS enabled devices are all PCI compliant, encrypted, and the data on the card is not stored on the device. So, restaurant owners are safeguarded against card data thefts and there is enhanced security of guest data. The data, if stored in the cloud, ensures security behind firewalls and encryption, and at the same time allows users to have access to this data from any device or platform. This, in turn, provides better access and helps in improving guest services.

All these work together to reduce the chances of any security breach. They also put you a step closer in complying with the DSS and PCI regulations. In extension, they help out the much smaller businesses to level the playing field with the much bigger merchants. This is in the field of data accessibility, security and latest technology whereby the larger and more established companies were the only ones able to avail such services themselves.

3. Efficient And Accurate Transactions

Mobile POS is a one of a kind type of solution that makes the abilities of the POS terminals to be enjoyed at any point in the hotel and also avail data to the restaurant staff. It makes it easier for the servicing staff to process orders and still give their services with little delay. This is because it’s possible for orders to be printed in the kitchen immediately, moment service staff standing next to guest in restaurant keyed it into the mobile POS. All these will, in the long run, shorten the service timelines and make the staff more knowledgeable. In addition to that, they are in a position to check out the history of guests and get to know their preferences in terms of food.

4. Less Expensive and Easier Solution for Migrating to EMV

Traditionally, restaurants have to invest a lot of money into hardware to get their billing system going. A typical cash register (touch screen) would cost anything above $1000 or more. They would also need fancy servers, networks, and many other IT resources. With mobile POS, restaurants can simply buy normal tablets and connect them to cloud-based POS. This cuts down investment by over 60%.

In the travel and restaurant businesses which normally accept credit cards, I have always found that the solutions of the EMV (Euro pay MasterCard and Visa) type are a huge necessity. However, there have been incompatibility issues of EMV with the old POS solutions. A number of these concerns include; the requirement of pin pads and also double-way communication. With the incorporation of mobile POS, restaurant businesses can with much more ease accept transactions from EMV systems. In addition to that, it’s much cheaper in the long run and also comes with add-on capabilities such as NFC services.

5. Increase in Sales

One of my most favorite things in life is quick services, especially for the ones that I am paying for. It seems that the inventors of the mobile POS had consumers like me in mind because of the faster processing and turn-around times these mobile devices can offer. This, coupled with huge data storage silos generally makes the time used in the completion of order processing and services to be reduced.

You are, therefore, in a position to respond whenever a order is ready to be placed. This goes to reduce friction with your customers and boost sales. Restaurants can cut down on service times and turn around more tables which means more revenue. For the hotel attendants, they are able to have guest histories on their devices when taking orders from guests. This could help them to up-sell certain services and products based on the guest likes. All this in-turn translates into an improvement in revenues and APC in the hotel.


The world we live in today has experienced significant strides and development in technology. With the stiff competition being experienced in business, it would be a smart move for business owners to leverage these technologies in order to improve their business processes.

What are your thoughts on POS, especially on mobile devices?

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