Hotels are always looking to perfect and improve the experience of their guests. After all, this is a vital part of their business. Technology is a driving factor in many industries, and this includes hotels as well. However, as a hotel owner or manager, you need to understand that you can use technology in two ways.

You can provide on-site gadgets like smartphones and large smart TVs to improve the experience. But on the other hand, you can also use technology to enhance your operational processes. The whole guest experience starts when someone reaches out to you and until the end of their stay.

There are so many ways that guests can start interacting with hotels before they’ve even made a decision. It’s up to hotel management to ensure that they provide the right experience at every possible touch point.

Web Booking Experience

A quality hotel PMS solution can improve your guest’s experience in many ways. Instead of having to hire a third-party agency to handle your booking or talk to people on the phone regularly, you can let guests do this online.

When you set up a website connected to a hotel PMS, it makes things so much easier for guests and hotel management. Online booking is always available, and a website never goes down. This means that people can book rooms when it suits them. From the hotel’s perspective, this makes things easier as managing bookings becomes simpler.

Potential guests can always see which rooms are available, when, and pay for their accommodation right away. Guests can also check out the pictures of rooms before they arrive. Some hotels even use virtual reality to bring their rooms closer to guests.

Modern Hotel Guests are Tech-Savvy

The present and the future belong to the millennials and generations after them. All of these people are tech-savvy. They use phones and computers daily. They are used to doing things in the digital world.

For example, a typical millennial will always prefer booking their stay online rather than calling on the phone. This is why hotels offer smartphones for their guests, digital consoles, IoT gadgets, and various software solutions.

Tech-savvy generations like these things, and they make them feel even more comfortable. This is why web booking has become paramount in the modern hotel industry.

Post Booking Contactless Experience

On the other hand, software like mycloud Hospitality lets guests check-in or check-out in an entirely contactless manner after booking their stay. It also has a contactless dining menu for on-premise restaurants. You only have to confirm their action or set up the tool to do this automatically.

Contactless check-ins allow guests to use mobile apps that are integrated with the hotel PMS. They can arrive without having to rely on anyone. Furthermore, these same apps let guests hold their digital keys through which they can always enter their rooms.

In simplest terms, guests don’t even have to talk to anyone when they come to check-in. All of the information they need is within their mobile device. This is what contactless experience is all about.

Provide Personalization Through Technology

Guests are more demanding than ever before. One of the best ways to provide a fantastic experience that they will remember is to offer personalization. With modern hotel management software, you can see all of the relevant information about your guests.

You can see their preferences, interests, likes, and dislikes. Track all of their interactions with you in real-time and see what they like. For example, if someone eats the same breakfast for a couple of days, you can surprise them with a complimentary breakfast with their favorite food.

On the other hand, the same app that your guests are using lets them order service or book meals at the restaurant. They can even pay for their service through the app. Having guests on a single platform is also a good promotional opportunity. Hotels often suggest events, attractions, or special offers they don’t want to miss.

Cloud or no Cloud?

For many upper management leaders, the first issue concerning technology is whether they should get cloud solutions or install on-site software. We will say it right away that you should go with cloud solutions.

Cloud software is always operational. This means that guests can use their app to check out services, promotions or pay for something at the hotel. They work in real-time and let everyone get updated instantly on the latest developments.

This is especially important for the guest experience. Hotel staff needs to react quickly and give timely service. On the other hand, here are some other benefits of cloud solutions.

Cutting Down Costs
When getting cloud software, you only have to pay for what you use. If you need three people using the software, you will only have to pay the subscription for them. On the other hand, you only pay for the amount of storage you need.

No Maintenance Required
The service provider does all of the server storage and software maintenance. Simply put, you don’t have to hire anyone to maintain your system or update it. You can leave all of this to the software provider.

Quick Installation
Cloud software is used online through a web browser. You only need to make an account, pay for your monthly package, and gain access. There is no need to install anything, allocate data space, or set up a dedicated computer for that software – it can be used from any device as long as you have the credentials.

Bottom Line
If you want to stay competitive, your hotel service needs to be modernized through technology. It can give you the advantage you need over your competition, help standardize service, improve response time, and retain your guests.

Yes, change can be scary, but it isn’t that difficult. This is why we’ve made a free demo for our hotel management software. It can show you all of the ins and outs of using these tools and how easily they can improve your guest experience. Try it out; it’s free!

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About The Author

Deepak Chauhan

Deepak Chauhan is responsible for marketing and positioning of “mycloud” platform and is a veteran in the hotel software industry with over 25 years’ experience giving him a strong understanding of the product requirements in the industry. He has very rare mix of working in operations of various hotels and chains for over 10 years and then co-founding a software product and service company, servicing 5 star hotels and chains for 14 years.

Deepak has led the development and marketing of cloud based hospitality systems to meet the specific, business objectives of small and mid-size properties across the globe and has worked closely with a diverse group of hoteliers and hotel technology vendors.