IoT is a technology that describes a network of electronics connected to the internet. IoT stands for the internet of things, and it’s a buzzing technology that promises to transform fields such as transport and hospitality. IoT consists of all the sensors, devices, software, and other things that coexist in a symbiotic relationship making a human’s life more comfortable, easier, and more suited.

No pandemic lasts forever, and when hotels and diners start getting an influx of post-pandemic customers, they’ll have to go about things differently. IoT is one of the most intricate technologies that promise to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. Below, we’ll give you five reasons why hoteliers should consider guestroom IoT their top priority during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

1. Augmented User Experience

When it comes to any service, user experience is key to proper business operation. Though augmenting user experience in any way possible, service people can expect to get loyal, returning, and happy customers.

IoT has been around for a while, and when applied to hotels – it can do wonders to augment the user experience. Through Guestroom IoT, hotels can provide far better personalization and customization options to their customers.

IoT technology is all about the customer. It allows people to control all aspects of their room through their phones or other devices. Things such as TV management, light and temperature control, ordering food, and additional micromanagement become possible through the introduction of IoT. The better the technology, the more customization options become available.

2. Lower Costs-Of-Operation

An extremely appealing part of IoT inclusion is the diminished costs of service. A lot of personnel tasks can be streamlined to the maximum, thus saving a lot of money. Since the future is contactless, IoT promises to save money while providing outstanding customer service with minimal human contact.

Smart homes are just around the corner, and they’re already a buzzing industry. On the other hand, smart hotels are a far less trendy topic, but a far more realistic one. Smart hotels are already here and are far more sophisticated than smart homes – and that’s because of IoT. While IoT integration might be a substantial initial investment, it pays itself off in the long run.

3. Automated Everything

IoT, aside from giving all of the guests’ controls, is a fantastic way to automate as many aspects of your hotel as possible. Guestroom IoT will automate everything from ordering, dining, and room control to hotel check-ins.

No one goes to hotels to interact with people they don’t want to – and the pandemic has many people worried about unnecessary contact with other people. IoT in the hospitality industry promises to correct this for the upcoming times.

Voice-controlled customer service, automatic electronic locks and scans, scheduled maintenance, and hyper-personalized rooms are all already here – courtesy of IoT in the hotel industry.

4. Improved Hotel Security

Hotels aren’t well known for their superb security, but IoT promises to change that for the better. By introducing IoT into hotels and hotel rooms, hoteliers can know when something is about to go wrong before it does.

Equipment synced with IoT can schedule maintenance and send reports if something is not functioning properly, saving a lot on repair costs. Furthermore, the introduction of IoT brings smart door locks to the table, which protect the guests and their belongings.

5. Better Customer Service

The hospitality industry is all about satisfying customers in the best way possible. After the COVID pandemic, a lot of new customers are going to get acquainted with your business. That means that you’ll need to prepare your business for an influx of new customers – and one of the best ways to do so is through IoT integration.

The data world’s current state implies you can garner more data about your potential clients than you could ever before. That will allow you to architect a fully personalized experience for all of your guests through the use of IoT.

IoT innovation drives personalization in the hospitality industry, and innovation drives customers towards your business.

In Conclusion

Online check-in software for hotels has been revolutionary for the hospitality industry, and the world of hotels is prepared for innovation. The coronavirus has changed the way we think about hotels, and it has provided hoteliers with enough time to contemplate innovations.

One of the best things to come out of this pandemic for the hospitality industry was the inclusion of IoT. IoT promises to revamp what we consider the hotel experience thoroughly. The symbiotic relationship between hotels and IoT is mutually beneficial to the industry and its clients.

IoT works best when integrated with fantastic cloud-based hotel management software, such as MyCloudHospitality. We provides the best in hotel management solutions for integration with IoT technology – so click here to book a demo request and prepare your business!

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