Cloud Computing and SaaS are some of the most talked about emerging technology trends today for its potential to be a “disruptive” technology. Cloud applications continue to gain momentum in enterprise applications as hoteliers are attracted to fast deployment speeds, low upfront costs, better utilization, reduced support need and ongoing flexibility to scale up or down as needs change.

A research company “Hotel technology” tracks overall IT budgets and also tracks how IT dollars are spent in hotels. As the graph shows, the top two areas where the most IT dollars are going include guest room technologies (19.70%) and property management systems (18.90%).

7/10: Companies using cloud services that will move new applications to the cloud.This statistic is based on a study done by Mimecast, a company that offers Software as a Service enterprise e-mail.

Many companies start their transition into the cloud with a small “trial” testing it with only some of their infrastructure, applications, or data.

A large portion of the industry growth in the next few years will be from companies who are happy with their “trial period” and are ready to further transition their business into the cloud

A recent study on cloud adoption.

IBM: 51% of respondents stated that adopting cloud technology is part of their mobile strategy.

CSC: 33% adopted cloud primarily for accessing information from any device as against only 17% who adopted for cost saving.

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