Did you know that around 700 million people booked a hotel online in 2023? And that’s not it! Data shows that 73% of customers are likelier to choose hotels with self-service tech. The tide is turning; the global hospitality industry is changing fast. As a hotel manager, you have to keep up with the latest tech trends in this niche; otherwise, you’ll lose a big chunk of your clientele.

In this article, we’ll explore 11 major tech trends reshaping the future of hotel operations, boosting guest experiences, and helping hotel managers save a huge amount of money.

11 Tech Trends Redefining the Hospitality Industry

Let’s check out a few eye-opening and remarkable examples of tech tools that make hotels more efficient at pleasing their customer base.

AI-Driven Hotel Automation

Hotels are using AI to automate different tasks that were performed manually in the past. With the rise of ChatGPT, you can easily make automation part of your daily schedule. Here’s what you can do with it:

• Resource management: Never run out of basic supplies in your warehouse. ChatGPT can help your resources managers report when hotel supplies run low or request additional service on demand.
• Internal messaging: Empower your hotel team with AI-powered internal messaging systems. It will let your employees communicate with each other in real time.
• Schedule Management: Whether it’s shifting rotations or managing demanding schedules, you can always use ChatGPT to make things easier, i.e., swapping shifts with each other or requesting time off.
• Multilingual Communication: Communicate with non-English-speaking clients and expand your business in different countries.
• Data Analytics: Eliminate manual data entry and extract useful customer information from massive chunks of unprocessed business data, profiles, documents, and records

Cloud Adoption

The cloud has become the holy grail of hotel management in 2024. More and more managers are using cloud-based platforms to store their information and perform data analytics. Here are some examples of how the
cloud could help your establishment grow:

• Affordable operations: Since no IT infrastructure or dedicated IT person is required, using cloud-based PMS software helps you manage your property with fewer employees. Automation further reduces any extra costs.
• Time management: Automation, brought to you by the cloud, also saves your staff’s time, increasing their efficiency. So they will be free to offer exceptional services to your guests. The guest experience is the most important thing in hotel management, and that’s what the cloud is trying to improve.
• Personalized services: But the key to optimal guest experience lies in personalization. You can track a guest’s preferences – e.g., what type of room they book, what they eat, etc. – and offer the right services based on their interests, boosting their pre-, during-, and post-stay experience.

Privacy and Cybersecurity

Believe it or not – hotels are a prime target for hackers. A study shows that 3 out of 4 US businesses, including hotels, are not prepared for a potential disaster and don’t keep up with the best data security practices. This cybersecurity threat leads to the following:

• Guests’ data being compromised
• Hundreds of millions of dollars have gone in lawsuits
• Tarnished reputation and business ruined forever

Therefore, hoteliers are compelled to carefully choose tech solutions with robust features like multilayered security, data encryption, secure transactions, and adherence to global payment and data privacy standards. Ensuring staff receive regular training on proper data handling, GDPR compliance, and regular password updates has become imperative.

Working with a secure and reliable cloud-based PMS system is vital to keep cybercriminals at bay and prevent your guests’ important data from getting leaked.

IoT Integration

Thanks to the rising new phenomenon called the Internet of Things (IoT), you can provide smart rooms to your guests. Room automation, voice-activated appliances, and advanced energy management are just a few applications of the IoT – the technology where devices “talk to each other” by sharing information and giving guests a seamless hotel experience. The benefits of IoT integration include:

• Better experience: How about smart mirrors that show how the weather is today? Devices like a mirror can be used to personalize a guest’s experience in your hotel. Automation allows hotel managers to track their guests’ preferences so you can provide guests with a more personalized experience. Also, automation takes menial tasks away from your front desk, increasing hotel management efficiency.
• Voice technology: Thanks to voice-enabled devices, guests can now modify the humidity, lighting, and temperature of their rooms without leaving the bed. Ordering room service could be much easier with voice technology. Also, guests can use it to check out of their rooms – an extension of contactless services.

Technology Consults

The trend of technology consults is rising in the hotel management industry. These tech gurus understand the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. So, engaging firms for hospitality technology consulting can help hospitality companies stay up-to-date with the latest trends and improve their overall profitability. Here are some reasons why technology consults are vital for a hotel manager’s survival:

• Industry Know-how: Since consulting firms with extensive experience in the hospitality niche, they can share valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices. With their help, you can stay ahead of the curve.
• Competitive advantage: Staying ahead of the curve gives you a competitive advantage in this ever-evolving, highly saturated industry. Consulting firms will offer you strategies, tools, and expert guidance to not only meet but exceed your performance goals.
• Saving costs: Incorporate these tools into your operation, and soon you’ll see a drastic decline in operational costs. With lower costs and increased efficiency, a greater profitability would be the only verdict for you.
• Optimize performance: In the end, tech consults help you optimize your performance in central reservations by identifying both current and emerging needs. Integrating the right tech systems and planning for the future. That’s how consultancy firms help you grow.

Contactless Technology

The pandemic made this tech trend popular, and over 24% of hotel managers have adopted self-service check-in services today. Contactless check-ins/outs and keyless entry systems are just a few examples of how hygienic and germ-free guest-client interactions have become. By using contactless methods, your guests can:

• Request room service and laundry services
• Make appointments at the spa, dining hall, and pool
• Use smart cleaners for better hygiene standards
• Never come in contact with sick staff members

Contactless payments have reduced the chances of germ transmission even further. This trend isn’t going anywhere in the future of the hospitality industry. It also eliminates paper and plastic from your everyday operations, making your establishment a rising star in the world of sustainability and digitization.

Mobile Engagement

Another tech trend related to contactless services is mobile engagement i.e., allowing guests to check in and out of hotel facilities with their smartphones. This trend is rapidly dominating the hospitality niche in the US. And the reasons behind it are pretty obvious: This facility reduces check-in time by 70%, saving precious time and improving a guest’s experience. Moreover:

• The front desk line doesn’t stay crowded at all times
• Guests can check in even if they’re not physically present at the hotel premises
• Digital kiosks are also fancy and make your establishment stand out

WhatsApp Business API

The trend of SMS messages is declining, making way for another fantastic tech trend, i.e., WhatsApp for Business. Statistics show that WhatsApp messages have an average open rate of 58%, so automating them can make your hotel easier to manage. You can automate WhatsApp messages to:

• Reply to guests
• Manage their requests
• Send transactional messages

Whether you have any upcoming events, discounts, or special needs, send personalized message alerts to clients – an effective marketing cheat. With WhatsApp Business API available online, you can keep your customers informed of potential deals all the time.


Chatbots are revolutionizing customer support across all industries. They can answer customers’ repetitive, mind-numbingly exhausting questions again and again. With chatbots, you can give a customer 24/7 access to your facilities.

It autonomously directs complex requests to relevant departments while continuously monitoring service delivery times. Any deviations trigger automatic escalation for prompt resolution, ensuring efficient customer service.

Some more use cases of chatbots in hotel management include:

• Answering repetitive customer queries regarding room availability or prices.
• Upselling the rooms by doing extensive yet non-aggressive marketing (chatbots can sell stuff without sounding like used car salesmen).
• Getting feedback from customers after their stay at your establishment.
For hotels operating across multiple time zones, chatbots are a great blessing.

Wi-Fi 6

If you seek a competitive advantage in the industry, make Wi-Fi 6 a crucial part of your hotel management policy. This facility allows for faster internet in crowded places, such as hotels and restaurants. Here’s what you need to know: Wi-Fi 5 has a speed of 3.5 Gbps, but the fantastic Wi-Fi 6 tech will easily cross 9 Gbps.

It connects with more devices than Wi-Fi 5 accommodates, leading to customer satisfaction thanks to faster search results. Almost 77% of guests now prefer chatbots for customer support over a live person.

Digital Guest Books

Did you know that guests are more likely to read welcome books if they’re digital? A digital guest book isn’t just an excellent way for guests to leave messages when checking out of a hotel. It also lets hotel managers collect data on guest satisfaction.

Don’t worry; digital guest books are secure so that visitors can share their views (even images and videos) openly via this fantastic channel.

Introducing mycloud PMS – One Platform to Rule Them All

Are you ready to get on board with an all-in-one platform necessary to run a hotel smoothly? Tech-driven platforms like mycloud PMS will take your hotel operations to unseen heights. It integrates easily with not only the tech trends mentioned above but also with 200+ other interfaces, making your hotel gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Whether you have a small Independent property or a mid-size hotel chain, this hotel management system is the best fit for you. For just $8 a month, you can gain access to many exciting features, such as:

PMS System

Enhance the guest experience and streamline hotel operations. That’s how mycloud PMS helps you captivate and engage your guests for a quick revenue boost.

Contactless guest experience

Follow hygienic principles and practice social distancing. Contactless checking-and-dining is the future of hotel management.


Increase online bookings, save time, and give guests a reason to come back to your hotel again and again.

Social Listening

Find out what customers are saying about your establishment online. Deal with negative reviews appropriately.

Inventory and F&B costing

Never run out of food and beverages. Automated inventory check is the hallmark of result-driven hotel PMS vendors.

Asset Tracking

Towels, hangers, and bathrobes are the most common assets guests will steal from hotels. But you can track these assets with confidence thanks to the PMS.

Don’t waste a moment and book your free demo with mycloud PMS immediately!

Technology will keep playing a central role in the future of hotel operations and guest interactions. If you want to beat the competition in the hospitality industry, offer personalized guest experiences and AI-driven check-in processes. Use the best hotel PMS systems to stay miles ahead of the curve. Innovations like mycloud PMS are the future of hotel management.

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