Hotel software consists of many modules and one among them is a property management system that enables hotel owners and their operators to streamline their daily operations, improve their day-to-day business, automate workflows, and reach benchmark service standards, thus building strong relationships with their customers and increasing their revenue.

One of the best hotel software solutions currently available is provided by mycloud Hospitality. SoftwareSuggest, a business software discovery platform, recognized mycloud Hospitality as one of the best cloud-based hotel management software providers. and awarded it with the Budget Friendly Award the Customer’s Choice Award, the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star of 2018 Award. Last year, they won a few awards as well and they have improved in terms of their rankings, etc. The latest award mycloud Hospitality received is SoftwareSuggest’s Committed to Deliver Award, which proved once again that the software company doesn’t disappoint when it comes to continually improving the services offered to their customers and ensuring that their needs are always perfectly met.

About mycloud Hospitality

Developed by Prologic First, a software development and marketing company based in India, mycloud Hospitality is an award-winning hotel software company that provides excellent cloud-based hotel PMS (Property Management System) software and POS software, both with plenty of advanced features for making all hotel management operations easier and more effective.

mycloud’s solutions also include e-distribution for increasing online visibility, as well as the seamlessly integrated social media console for monitoring social media and getting an insight into customer feedback. mycloud’s social tools come with robust and insightful analytics for tracking and optimizing performance.

The company’s mission is to provide its customers with very simple, user-friendly software solutions that seamlessly integrate with third-party apps and offer the highest level of service, while at the same time greatly reduce operational costs and time-to-market, enabling the users to increase efficiency, delight their hotel guests and generate a high ROI.

Just as the Committed to Deliver Award from SoftwareSuggest shows, mycloud Hospitality is truly committed to delivering high-quality solutions and helping hotels run smoothly. Its incredible commitment to quality is precisely what makes it really stand out from the crowd and what makes quite a lot of hotel owners put their trust in the company.

The Features of mycloud Hospitality’s Hotel Software

mycloud’s cloud-based hotel management software is definitely more than just a simple hotel PMS, which all of its features actually prove. The features include:

  • Front desk – easily handle all hotel reservations, check-ins, and check-outs
  • Front office cashiering – a detailed look at all guests’ accounts and their balances, together with all the room charges and revenues
  • Inbuilt credit card processor – a seamless handling of payments, without the need to integrate other payment systems, as hotel guests can book their rooms online and safely make payments even before checking in
  • Rooms and rates management – define and manage room rates, as well as a cancellation policy for different room types
  • Guest history maintenance – keep records of all your guests in one centralized location and provide personalized service to returning guests
  • Online Travel Agents (OTA) management – easily manage and keep track of all OTAs and have a clear insight into their statistics and contract details
  • Housekeeping – make your housekeeping staff more efficient and productive by enabling them to manage room statuses with just a few simple clicks, as well as have an insight into expected arrivals and departures
  • Debtor account management – manage debtor accounts, create invoices and transfer transactions to the accounts
  • Management statistics – an insight into past and future occupancy trends, as well as settlements and revenue statistics
  • Reporting and archives – the hotel software sends automatic reports (both online and offline) and backs them up every 3 hours, archiving them in the cloud
  • System configuration – you can choose from more than 175 interfaces to connect the hotel software with and seamlessly manage your payment gateways, back-office accounting, communication, distribution and various other third-party apps.

Why Choose mycloud Hospitality’s Hotel Software?

Since this is a cloud-based hotel management software, you don’t need to purchase, install and maintain any hardware, which is very cost-effective, and you can access your data anytime and anywhere, 24/7. The software is very easy to use and you can customize it to your needs, which includes creating custom reports. It is also incredibly affordable.

This hotel software saves you and your staff a great amount of time, allowing you to focus on delivering the best possible experiences to your guests, inspiring trust and loyalty and ultimately expanding your customer base and generating more revenue.

Book a free online demo to take mycloud Hospitality hotel software for a test drive and see how it fits your needs. Schedule it today and take a huge step towards higher customer satisfaction, more sales, and optimized revenue.

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