This document describes the new features, modifications, and corrections effected in mycloud Release Sprint 2A.2

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Modifications / Enhancements
4. Corrections / Bug Fixes
5. Known Restrictions / Issues

About the Release
Release Date: 21 SEP 2020

Modifications / Enhancements

This release contains the following modification/bug fixing.

1. WBE => Our Web booking engine has gone through a transformation for small hotels and BnB.

As small properties have limited inventory, the first landing page has been modified to display fast-selling rooms and the number of rooms available for sale, in-case the availability is more than 3 rooms, the availability message is not displayed.

Discounted Rate: To make rooms and pricing more attractive for bookers, now booking engine will display the percentage of discount being extended compared to the rack rate of the property.

Pax Control: generally smaller hotels have a restriction on the maximum number of Pax allowed in a room, now initial landing page, as well as search-based results, clearly highlight the maximum Pax count allowed.

Advanced Search Screen: Now guest while searching for rooms can easily see the maximum pax allowed in each room type.

Room cart: Selected rooms now show total room count in the cart.

2. Draft Check-in POS: On request from several customers, we have changed the sequence of invoice generation in POS, now once the check is finalized, the system displays it as a draft check, the user needs to settle the check to generate the final tax invoice.

3. Multiple company settlement: This feature has been requested by many business hotels, Now we have introduced a new option in reservation where user can select folios and associate different companies to each folio. So now a single guest can request to settle his room tariff bill to company A and extras bill to company B

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Settlement: Hotels can now easily handle billing for long staying guests without checking them out.

We have introduced periodic invoicing,  users can now open reservation, click on a new option called folio wise debtor account, they can link the company/debtor to each folio, along with this they can now select the billing cycle for raising auto invoices based on the selected period of daily, weekly, or monthly.

Change in MIS statistics: We received requests from hotels to show occupancy in MIS reports based on the number of tariffs charged in a day.

Now we have introduced a parameter in advance control that allows System Admin users to change the occupancy calculation formula, wither based on total physical rooms occupied or based on the number of times room tariff is charged.

These two can display different occupancy if the hotel has charged late checkouts or early arrivals or additional room tariffs.

In Advance, control look for control called Room nights calculation based on Count or Quantity

5. Room Enquiry in POS => A new button has been provided in POS for users to search for inhouse guests.

POS users can click on the Room enquiry button and can easily access guest name, Check in check out date, Billing instructions, and inclusions/room plans

6. Resident Non-Resident in POS: A lot of restaurant users expressed a mismatch in statistics if an inhouse guest settled a bill at POS in cash.

Now we have introduced a small flag under the settlement, where users can mark a guest/POS diner as a resident or non-resident. This will help in the more comprehensive analysis of POS MIS

7. Intermittent Room invoicing in PMS

We have added a new feature, in PMS cashiering, this feature allows hotels to bill/invoice customers on request. If a customer is staying for a long duration and requests for an invoice during the stay, now the cashier can raise an invoice and settle the same.

User need to click on generate the invoice and select the folio number for which invoice needs to be generated.