In this high-tech era, technology plays the crucial role of being a facilitator as well as moderator of services. With so much expecting, it becomes mandatory to priorities where hoteliers should be betting big in technology to enhance guest services.

A below infographic lists five hospitality technology trends in present & for future and how hotelier can take advantage of these.

Key pointers from the infographic are below:

Technologies in Demand

Integrating Mobile Data – 30% of hotels want to use location-based technologies in 2017.
Guestroom Tech – 56% hotels wants to upgrade in-room technologies, priority being Smart TV

Technologies for Future

Virtual Reality – 14% of hoteliers want personal holograms as Property concierges/guides.
Robotics– 22% of hotels in HT’s study said robots (as it interacts with guests) have real potential in this industry.
Facial Recognition– Over 50% hoteliers want to use facial recognition technology in upcoming years