In the recent years, “seamless hotel technology” envisioned guest experience effortlessly in every moment of their travel – before, during and after a trip.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic affecting the health and travel across the globe, and hospitality business is one among the hardest hit. Still many hotel properties are restricted with lots of safety guidelines, regulations and to keep the occupancy low. Covid-19 is going to change the customer preferences and will open doors for new innovation.

Of course “seamless” hotel tech is still nice, but apparently contactless technology has become more valuable overnight. In this guide we focus on fundamental information of that innovation plan is to ensure your limited staff is protected and you are doing all you can to limit the spread of this virus.

In this ebook, you’ll find

  • Most ideal way to use contactless check-in & check-out
  • Most ideal way to use QR Code and order food
  • Food Delivery Systems
  • Mobile Digital Keys and more…

Now, like never before, there’s a need for the hotel industry to use technology that will meet the many customer needs and adjust to a modified global marketplace. Helping hotel operators coordinate newer service is essential to quicken development and hotel operations.

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