In these present times, the economic sector as a whole has been ridden with uncertainty thus forcing the stakeholders in various businesses to take measures that will assist them in keeping their heads aloof. The hospitality industry is one of such sectors where innovative means have been crafted to help survive these scary economic trends.

Most hoteliers in the UK are aware that they cannot successfully control the reigns of their surrounding economic environment. This, in turn, has propelled them to forge marketing strategies that can help their hotels to register an increase in profitability and sales despite the harsh economic conditions. Some of these strategies include the use of channels such as online travel agencies and global distribution systems among many others.

In this ebook, we’ll cover

  • How UK Independent Hotels are Leveraging OTAs.
  • How UK Independent Hotels Are Leveraging Global Distribution Systems.
  • How UK Independent Hotels are Leveraging Own Website.

By following the above insights, UK independent hotels can maximize the various channels at their disposal to see to it that they remain at the top.

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