Prologic First’s mycloud hospitality platform has a reputation for innovation. Now, the platform’s latest leap forward is strengthening its credentials even further. mycloud has just announced that it is available to integrate with Airbnb. The move will give short-term lodging owners greater exposure to the massive vacation rentals market. Hosts using the mycloud channel manager will be able to easily list and manage their inventory on Airbnb – as well as on other distribution channels.

The mycloud hotel software has already done wonders for owners of a wide range of establishments, from guesthouses, B&Bs and boutique hotels to huge motel and luxury hotel chains. Designed to offer an ‘all in one’ solution that is easy to both integrate and use, the system has picked up multiple awards for its innovative stance and superb user experience.

mycloud cloud-based hotel management software provides Airbnb hosts with a slick, fully automated system for managing their properties, including review metrics in order that they can analyse performance.

With reputation being of the utmost importance for Airbnb properties, mycloud’s unique social listening tools have been designed to give hosts the edge over their competitors. The social sentimental tool allows owners to engage guests via social media and to track what is being said about their properties across a wide range of social networks. Social media is a powerful tool for driving up interest in a particular Airbnb property, and mycloud provides owners with outstanding exposure to social discussion in order that they can maximise the potential of turning that discussion into optimised revenues.

mycloud Vice President Mr. Deepak Chauhan comments,

“Ease of use has always been at the heart of the mycloud experience, so we’re delighted to share our innovative system with Airbnb hosts, making their engagement with the vacation rentals market incredibly easy to manage. Airbnb changed the way we think about booking holiday accommodation and experiencing our vacation time. Now, mycloud can do the same for the way we manage that accommodation.”

mycloud’s tiered pricing structure means that the system is affordable to property managers with varied portfolio sizes. There are no upfront fees and the system can be up and running within four hours. Its extreme level of customisation means that Airbnb hosts can choose the package that suits them best in order to enjoy lower costs, smoother operations and enhanced guest satisfaction.