The mycloud hospitality platform is known for its strong performance and commitment to innovation. Even so, the cloud-based system from Prologic First has surprised the hospitality industry with just how many new features it is delivering for 2020.

mycloud is a complete cloud hotel management software solution that allows hoteliers to introduce efficiencies and improve revenues at every level of their business. It blends an advanced, powerful PMS with a centralized reservation system (CRS) and e-POS solution, along with a host of other features.

Now, the mycloud team has revealed three comprehensive enhancements for 2020. Prologic First Vice President – Cloud Solutions, Deepak Chauhan, comments,

“As a leading hospitality management solution that is trusted by hotel chains around the world, we want to ensure that mycloud continues to exceed expectations at every turn. That’s why we’ve introduced a range of new and upgraded features. The result is that mycloud offers a true multi-property solution like no other.”
Front and centre of the new features is the central reservations system. The CRS has been designed to allow chain hotels to see inventories, rates and operational details for all properties on a single screen, allowing reservations to be made swiftly and easily. Combined with the new central operational timeline management functionality, the CRS allows hoteliers to sell every last room with absolute confidence, thus maximising occupancy rates across each of their establishments.

mycloud has also upgraded its chain-wide reporting features, meaning that managers can review chain-wide analysis, including data comparisons, at a single glance. The central guest profile functionality, meanwhile, allows hoteliers to manage corporate and travel agent profiles more closely than ever, including viewing contracts across multiple properties and analysing revenue and productivity statistics.

Then there’s the new marketplace, which offers over 200 interfaces. These include multiple distribution platforms, guest experience management systems, payment gateways, revenue management products and many more: everything a modern hotelier could need to improve their efficiencies and grow their bottom line.

Finally, mycloud has introduced a new, mobile web booking engine. This can be used for multiple properties, including multiple trips across properties in a single itinerary.

All of these features come at an exceptional time for the global tourism industry. The total retail value of the worldwide hotel industry surpassed US$500 billion in 2018, with a growth of 6-7% projected for 2019. Travel and tourism now account for more than 10% of global GDP, according to Deloitte and Statista.

Set against this backdrop, mycloud’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of back and front office systems is just what hoteliers need. Independent guesthouses, motel, and hotel chains, holiday resorts… mycloud makes it easier and more cost-effective to manage all these and more.

mycloud has already scooped several awards for its innovative offering. The fully automated, SaaS-based hospitality management solution is easy to implement, with comprehensive functionality that spans the entire hotel management process. It’s also highly customizable and configurable, with clients able to pay for only the functionality they need, making mycloud affordable for even single-property hospitality businesses.

With future forecasting, an integrated channel manager and automated distribution to OTAs all built-in, there’s nothing that mycloud can’t manage. The e-POS allows for easy management of food, beverage, and retail sales, while back-office functionality covers central purchasing and inventory, central accounts receivable and payable and consolidated reporting. Even housekeeping and maintenance services fall within mycloud’s purview.

By enhancing hospitality business’ operational efficiency through a full chain management approach, mycloud allows for strategic decision making and planning like never before.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses in the UK, USA, UAE, Philippines, Thailand, India and Singapore. Visit or email for further details of the multi-award-winning mycloud hospitality platform.