mycloud hospitality joins hands with sales execution CRM LeadSquared. Allowing mycloud PMS hotel clients to effortlessly convert prospects to customers.

Hot on the heels of its recent announcement about partnering with revenue intelligence company Fornova, the award-winning mycloud hospitality platform has revealed a new partnership: with sales execution CRM LeadSquared. The collaboration will make it easier than ever for hotels to convert prospects into paying customers.

A powerful PMS, POS and back-office solution, mycloud has racked up customers around the world thanks to its intuitive, comprehensive hotel software offering, which enables hoteliers to make more effective, impactful business decisions. This can drive not just enhanced profitability but also a superior guest experience, thus supporting the long-term viability of the business.

LeadSquared is a sales execution CRM that enables businesses to manage all their product, teams and processes in a single platform. It means that companies have greater visibility and the potential to never miss a sales opportunity, no matter how complex the prospect-to-customer journey may be.

For hotels, the sales opportunities are many and varied. Bookings (single, group, repeat and made through travel agents), food and beverage sales, spa/beauty and leisure facilities bookings, in-house shops and more all present opportunities to make a sale. mycloud’s POS facilitates the seamless management of all of these functions through its all-in-one platform. Guests are able to interact digitally, with menus available on phones/tablets/laptops for easy booking. Guests can leave feedback digitally too, which – if positive – can become a powerful indirect sales tool.

mycloud’s Hotel PMS gives hoteliers detailed guest history analysis, which can be used to drive business decisions that lead to enhance sales. With LeadSquared in action as well, the potential of this is further expanded.

Deepak Chauhan, Vice President – Cloud Services at mycloud, comments:
“mycloud’s integrated solution can be up and running in as little as four hours, providing hoteliers with the opportunity to optimize their revenues and maximize their business efficiency. With over 175 interfaces, our platform is feature-rich and easy to use. We are delighted to now be working with LeadSquared to deliver even more opportunities for hoteliers to benefit from reducing their CAPEX costs while also never missing an opportunity for a sale.”

The mycloud SaaS hospitality platform has picked up a string of awards since Prologic First created it, as well as attaining ISO27001 certification and compliance with the Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting and Statutory Reporting. The cloud-based platform delivers chain-wide analysis and in-depth insights into the operations of hotel chains of all sizes, from single establishments to international chains, along with back-end functionality for head office teams.

There are no upfront fees for mycloud and the pricing is tiered so that businesses can mold the innovative hotel management solution to their needs and carefully control their expenditure. Hoteliers can then manage rates in real-time to optimize their revenues, all while delivering a seamless, contactless reservation and check-in/check-out service.

Underpinned now by LeadSquared, hoteliers have the power to manage their sales like never before with mycloud. Yet delighting guests doesn’t fall by the wayside as a result of this. Far from it – the system allows for personalized experiences, along with customer persona overviews, which means services can be shaped around guests’ needs for maximum impact. All while controlling the cost of everything from staffing, rate contracts, and regular purchases to work orders and food and beverages. Inventory management, petty cash accounting, VAT/tax reporting, financial reporting, bank reconciliation and sales and purchase ledgers are all included as standard.

Add on unique social listening capabilities for monitoring online sentiment, backed by comprehensive analytics and an in-depth understanding of the sales journey, courtesy of LeadSquared, and mycloud puts hoteliers in a powerful position to ensure that their businesses are the very best they can be.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses around the world. To discover the multi-award-winning hospitality platform, visit or email

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