mycloud Hospitality, a renowned provider of complete hospitality solutions, has announced PMS integration with STR, the leading provider of global hospitality data and analytics. Due to the mutually beneficial relationship between the two solutions providers, mycloud hospitality’s hotel customers will be able to identify opportunities from all angles and base their decisions more accurately on intelligence gathered from the mycloud hospitality PMS data.

Because it combines the strength of a property management solution, a POS system, spaces, and a back office system into a single, feature-rich platform, mycloud Hospitality is a well-known name in the hospitality industry. mycloud PMS exports the daily weekly, and monthly STR-related files automatically. The property does not need to take any action. This all is done automatically at a scheduled date/time, this helps STR provide more hoteliers with confidential, reliable, accurate and actionable data to assist in strategic and operational decisions. As a result of the STR integration, mycloud Hotel PMS software would be able to help hotel chains of all sizes improve the guest experience, better revenue management, and forecasts while helping them make more efficient and profitable business decisions.

A giant in the data analytics industry, STR is the global hospitality industry’s leading provider of premium data benchmarking, analytics, and marketplace insights. Headquartered in Hendersonville, Tennessee, London, and Singapore, STR has made a name for itself in the industry by delivering confidential, accurate, and actionable data to hotels for more than 35 years.

“The shape of technology is constantly evolving. In order to continuously evolve and adapt to modern requirements, it is therefore absolutely crucial to be plugged into an ecosystem of products. For years, we have listened to the needs of our customers and have modified our solutions accordingly. Providing excellent service to our hotel clients has always been the cornerstone of mycloud PMS. Thus, the partnership with STR will be extremely beneficial to our customers. Our hotel clients will be able to understand their guests’ behavior, preferences, and needs better and make more data-driven business decisions thanks to the sophisticated data-based benchmarking and other reports provided by STR. Inevitably beckoning guests to return for more and increasing hotel revenue.” – said Mr. Deepak Chauhan, Vice President of Cloud Services at mycloud hospitality.

“The entire team is excited about integrating STR solutions with mycloud hotel PMS. We understand the need of the hour and with this connection, we make it simpler to access important hotel information by giving hotels actionable insights derived from the hotel PMS. Hoteliers can use these insights to improve operations, offer better guest experience, and most importantly, boost revenue.” – said Mr. Karan Mahesh, Account Manager, Central & South Asia – STR

mycloud Hospitality has won numerous awards over the years for its cutting-edge and powerful hotel management solutions. The solution provider offers a number of benefits to their hotel customers, one of which is that mycloud PMS enables hoteliers to reduce capital cost costs with no upfront costs. In addition to contactless check-in, check-out, and dining, it enables hotel clients to maximize their profits, manage rates in real-time, and offer a seamless booking experience. Another benefit enjoyed by mycloud Hospitality customers is that the software’s integrated e-distribution system allows hotels and resorts to improve their online visibility while also enabling guests to interact with hotels via mobile devices for everything from accessing digital menus to leaving feedback. What’s best? The cloud-based PMS can be set up and operational on a hotel property in less than 4 hours.

Additionally, the mycloud POS also offers management capabilities for bars, restaurants, spas, gift shops, and all other chargeable services. The robust PMS also provides guest history analysis and a productive method of interacting with OTAs and travel agencies. additionally offers an excellent guest loyalty program.

The STR integration with mycloud PMS enables hotel clients to extract the data from all the PMS to create reports such as competitive benchmark reports, profit & loss reports, and industry reports which will allow them to understand the market and create a more comprehensive business strategy.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses around the world. To discover the multi-award-winning hospitality platform, visit or email

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