Global hospitality management brand Al Dana Hotels and Resorts has announced that it has switched to the mycloud hospitality platform in order to deliver enhanced efficiency in its 612 rooms in Makkah. With more than two million pilgrims visiting Makkah for the Hajj each year, and over 14 million during Ramadan, it’s essential that the hospitality sector there is at the top of its game – which is precisely what has prompted the Al Dana move to mycloud.

An Al dana spokesperson Mr. Abdullah Sarhan has commented,

“mycloud is a very useful and detailed cloud PMS, product offers some highly powerful and complex yet easy to use features which helps our team manage the hotel with ease and has improved staff efficiency. The best part of this cloud platform is their support team, which is extremely experienced and always available for any help, from on-boarding to day to day running of our daily operations on mycloud has been an experience in itself, and I must add that the team at mycloud is simply great. I feel the product should offer an offline module in case of poor connectivity”.

Al Dana Hotel and Resorts’ forward-thinking approach has seen it move to the cloud-based system in order to harness the power of modern technology. mycloud is simple to set up and easy to use, meaning that staffs have quickly got to grips with having so much more powerful data at their fingertips.

A business of all sizes can use mycloud to meet their needs. Small and medium-size independent hotels, large hotel chains, motels, guesthouses and boutique resorts can all improve their operations by opting for the enterprise-level solution. A single log-in is sufficient for multiple sites. The full mycloud package allows hospitality providers to manage reservations, take bookings online and process check-ins/check-outs. Guest history and feedback management are also available, as is a channel manager to automate distribution to OTAs. Additionally, mycloud provides functionality for managing corporate/group bookings, including bookings made by travel agents.

mycloud also provides a unique “social listening” function that updates hospitality providers on their latest mentions in social media channels and on travel review websites. It is essential for hotels to monitor guest feedback across multiple channels. mycloud enables this by collecting and collating feedback from a wide range of sources in order to provide a single view timeline of social sentiment.

Regarding Al Dana Group’s implementation of the platform, mycloud Vice President Deepak Chauhan comments:

“It’s great to see yet another happy client using the mycloud enterprise-level solution. We designed the system to provide hotels with a way to gain competitive advantage and maximize the efficiency of their daily operations. The Al Dana Group is doing that through the platform’s functionally powerful Hotel PMS, which allows them to handle groups with ease along with managing daily front desk operations with its easy UI, at same time system also generates a range of statistical reports which are helping management get new insights into their operations. The robust structure of the core PMS and ease of integration mean that Al Dana staff were using the system in under 24 hours, enabling them to manage this vast establishment much more efficiently. The comprehensive group booking management feature meant that staffs were able to handle even the most complex bookings with ease”.

mycloud’s versatility means that it can also be used to provide accounts receivable services and manage housekeeping. There’s an interface library with over 175 different options.

As well as being used by Al Dana Hotels and Resorts in Makkah, mycloud (which was developed by Prologic First) is also available in the UK, USA, UAE, Philippines, Thailand, India and Singapore.