This document describes the new features, modifications and corrections effected in mycloud Release Sprint 7B

This document is divided into the following sections :

1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Modifications / Enhancements
4. Corrections / Bug Fixes
5. Known Restrictions / Issues

About the Release

Release Date : 15 Sept 2019

Modifications / Enhancements

This release includes following new modifications / enhancements:

1. PMS => Groups => Modify Group functionality to have waitlisted groups :-

Now system will be able to have waitlisted group members.

* Waitlisted reservations can be linked/added to group
* Option to “Confirm” waitlisted reservations given on group screen.
* By selecting waitlisted reservations and click on “Confirm” button waitlisted reservations can be made confirm.
* All waitlisted members can be selcted by clicking on “Select all waitlisted members”
* Group block summary section modified to show “Confirmed/In-house” and “Waitlisted” counts separately
* Group block summary section modified to provide date wise total of “Confirmed/In-house” and “Waitlisted” counts

“Download” process modified to have selection for waitlisted members

* Wait-listed member can not be leader, if there is any confirmed/in-house member in the group
* Reservation Confirm/Cancel/Check-out/Check-in processes modified to automatically change the leader from wait-list/cancelled/checked-out to confirm/in-house

2. POS => Reports => Periodic Summary =>Add new report in MIS reports :-

New report “Periodic Summary” has been added under POS => Reports => MIS Reports with following parameters

* Date From
* Date To
* Outlet
* Print For

3. POS => Reports => Item Sales => Option to have outlet :-

Item sales report has been modified to have based on “Outlet”. So report can be executed for a particular outlet.

4. PMS => Reports => Housekeeper Report => Add number of pax and floor :-

Housekeeper has been modified to show floor of the room and total pax count of staying/arrival guests.

In the case of sharers, all in-house guests/confirmed arrivals will be shown on the report with the same room number

5. PMS => Tasks => Validate guest pending tasks at the time of check-out :-

Now pending tasks, created for the guest, will be validated at the time of check-out. This option can be made enable/disable from advance setup => Step 1

Message at the time of check-out, in case pending tasks

6. PMS => Reports/History => Search history by room number :-

History search has been modified to search history based on room number. Room number will be searched for in-house and archived reservations

7. PMS => Frontdesk => Tape Chart => On Right click provide option for room move for confirmed guests also :-

Option to Modify/Upgrade room has been given on right click for confirmed guests also. Previously it was available for in-house reservations only.