TGI chain hotels in 18 locations implement the innovative mycloud hospitality platform to support the delivery of a seamless guest experience.

Renowned hotel company, TGI Hotels, has implemented the innovative mycloud hospitality platform across its chain of hotels and resorts. With 18 establishments in India, including in Bangalore, Jaipur, Pondicherry, Udaipur, Goa and numerous other locations, TGI Hotels is using mycloud to deliver seamless services across its entire chain.

Prior to using mycloud, TGI Hotels was using a range of disintegrated software solutions from different providers across its different establishments. This was presenting significant challenges in terms of data consolidation, management overview and business decisions. It was also preventing the company from providing a seamless experience to customers using the different hotels and resorts in the chain.

TGI Hotels has now implemented the award-winning mycloud hospitality platform from Prologic First, including mycloud PMS, mycloud POS and mycloud back-office as part of an all-in-one, feature-rich platform with 175+ interfaces. Doing so has allowed the company to consolidate its data and enjoy swift and easy chain-wide reporting and analysis for its management team. This has improved efficiency and delivered a better view of the business and its guests.

TGI Hotels also now has plenty of potentials to lower costs and improve revenues, while delighting guests with the same level of service at every one of its establishments. As a cloud-based platform, mycloud is cutting down on TGI Hotels’ software, hardware and other CAPEX costs, while its back-office services are being used by the company’s head office team as well as across its properties. All while using the power of the cloud to connect better with guests, to upsell more effectively and to provide management with an overview of each customer persona.

The mycloud system is helping hotels around the world in this way, improving the guest experience with its mobility and contactless apps. Digital menus and a multitude of other features allow guests to interact directly with the hotel from their own devices, creating a more personalized and efficient contactless experience.

mycloud PMS was designed to enable hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes – from single Airbnb to international hotel chains – to operate smoothly and efficiently. The cloud-based hotel management software is an integrated solution that caters to all operational and administration needs by offering powerful and advanced features, which encompass a huge range of functions. At its core is a powerful PMS that enables hoteliers to manage their reservations, contactless check-in and check-out, guest history, feedback, travel agents and companies with ease.

mycloud POS, meanwhile, can be used to manage restaurants, bars, gift shops, spas and other chargeable services. The POS has three versions, custom-designed for delivery in the cloud, on desktop and on mobile, meaning it can meet the needs of any kind of operation. Its order-taking, billing, settlements, statistics and reporting functions can be used to drive operational efficiency, making it another key component of the mycloud SaaS platform.

The mycloud back-office services – one of the features that TGI Hotels is making such extensive use of – deliver integrated materials and financial accounting system. Compliant with both the Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting and Statutory Reporting, the platform introduces efficiencies that save staff time with regular purchases, rate contracts, inventory, F&B costing, works orders, sales and purchase ledgers, bank reconciliation, petty cash accounting, financial reporting and VAT/tax reporting. This supports hotels to pool their highly skilled staff by offering shared services across all properties within a chain.

“Talking about the decision to adopt mycloud PMS, Mr. Madhavan, Deputy General Manager – IT, at TGI – The Great Indian Hotels and Resorts, said, our vision is to be the most admired & responsible small and medium hotel chain showcasing the Indian values with international standards and delivering sustainable value. It was important for us to find a technology partner that would understand our needs and empower us to achieve our business vision. We evaluated a lot of cloud solutions and found the enterprise mycloud hotel PMS suite to be loaded with features that we needed and also met our end-to-end needs in terms of operations and central administration and data consolidation.”

Further, Mr. Madhavan, said, “We were concerned about the implementation and training. But mycloud team did onboarding and training super smooth. Our employees quickly learned mycloud PMS, thanks to their support team for post-implementation training and anytime support.”

Mr. Deepak Chauhan, Vice President – Cloud Services at mycloud, comments:

“The goal with mycloud has always been to support hospitality businesses to level up through a smarter approach to data-driven operations. That’s why the software has such a comprehensive range of features and why we continue to add to and enhance those features. We are delighted that TGI Hotels is now benefitting from mycloud’s far-reaching platform by consolidating its data and enhancing the guest experience, all with outstanding management oversight.”

mycloud has a reputation for its innovative features, as well as its easy operation (the mycloud PMS can be up and running within four hours). The ISO/IEC 27001 certified platform includes an e-distribution system that hoteliers can use to optimize their global online visibility, while the platform’s unique social listening tool tracks online sentiment. There’s a fully featured guest management package to ensure that every guest is served efficiently, while the integrated, mobile-based hotel booking engine and channel manager can save time for staff by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

With no upfront fees and 24/7 guaranteed support, mycloud delivers a sizeable dose of peace of mind for hoteliers, as well as supporting them to delight their guests and improve their bottom line. Its comprehensive reporting enables intelligence-driven decision-making from a chain-wide perspective. This integration and overview mean the flexible platform is allowing businesses such as TGI Hotels to enjoy extensive insights into their operations, including where greater efficiencies can be achieved in both the short-term and the long term.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses around the world. To discover the multi-award-winning hospitality platform, visit or email

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