The multi award-winning mycloud hospitality platform from Prologic First has added yet another accolade to its collection. The cloud-based hotel management software was awarded the coveted Best Digital Transformation in Hospitality award from Smart SMB. The achievement follows awards from Finances Online and SoftwareSuggest.

mycloud’s innovative hotel software delivers an all-in-one solution for hospitality businesses of all sizes. The exceptional package delivers everything from a web booking engine and reservation function to an e-POS service and check-in/out system. The fully automated system is providing hoteliers around the world with the opportunity to optimize revenues, manage operations and review metrics with maximum efficiency.

Already recognised for its superb user experience, reliability, security and budget-friendliness, mycloud has now been recognised for its transformative capabilities. The honour was awarded at the inaugural Smart SMB Summit. Supported by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development, the awards recognize the trail-blazers who are redefining the sectors in which they work.

In the case of mycloud, the pioneering hotel management software has afforded hoteliers the ability to seamlessly manage everything from laundry and maintenance services to accounts in a single, easy-to-use interface. The hospitality software solution delivers intelligence on competitors’ rates, automated distribution to OTAs, food and beverage costing and more. It allows hoteliers to perform multi-currency transactions and undertake chain review analysis, delivering a range of metrics designed to provide full clarity on the business’ operations.

mycloud Vice President Deepak Chauhan explains,

“Our goal with mycloud was to deliver a transformational system that would disrupt the hospitality industry and show establishments that there is a better way – and an easier way – to maximise their service delivery and the resulting revenues. The Smart SMB award recognises how well the software has delivered on this aim. We are honoured to accept this latest accolade.”

mycloud is nothing if not versatile, fulfilling a broad range of hospitality business needs. The hotel PMS’s unique social listening functionality, for example, allows hoteliers to monitor customer sentiment online and to engage proactively with those customers before, during and after their stay. The system is suited to businesses of all sizes, from individual hotels and guesthouses to large motel and hotel chains. It features a staggered pricing system to allow businesses to match its features to their budget and is easy to integrate with existing systems.

Delivering a comprehensive package, including a great user experience, mycloud has taken the hospitality sector by storm, as this latest award from Smart SMB demonstrates.