mycloud Hospitality is promoted by the Prologic First Group, a renowned, international hospitality IT solutions provider, with over two decades of successful and pioneering experience. It is an avant-garde IT solution that leverages cloud computing to deliver cutting edge functionality and technological innovations for the hospitality industry.

mycloud PMS is a cloud based, robust, functionally powerful, secure system. It allows for quick implementation and integration, is accessible from anywhere and anytime, and requires very low bandwidth. It is designed for an eclectic property mixâ??from large hotel properties (350 rooms) to mid sized and small 2-room properties. mycloud PMS integrated with distribution makes hitherto invisible small and midsize hotels an option for the discerning traveler.

What sets mycloud PMS miles ahead of competition is the extensive library of more than 175+ third party hardware and software interfaces and apps that no other cloud based system has offered, so far.

Another unique differentiator is that mycloud PMS is not like the opportunity based versions that have cropped up, equipped with nothing but the basics. mycloud PMS is a sophisticated platform, integrated with futuristic features that no competing system is offering. Professional and domain based support not surprisingly, is the biggest problem that hoteliers face, so we have put in great effort to ensure that all our users get 24 hrs support from domain experts and not just simple technical help. It is a complete platform that covers the whole gamut of hospitality stakeholders and their needs.

“mycloud, property management system has been very helpful with managing and organizing our hotel operations. If I have have any questions, comments, or concerns, mycloud team is always willing to help me. I always get a very quick response from them! Amazing support!” says Audrey Stevens Legend of French Lick Resort

Today, hoteliers need to engage with social media that goes beyond Facebook and Twitter, mycloud platform helps hoteliers delve into relevant channels like the best hotel booking sites, travel company sites and hotel websites. Using mycloud PMS, hotels can tap into guest sentiments via the seamlessly integrated social media â??consoleâ??. The scope of social media listening, in mycloud PMS, is being expanded rapidly. Mobile apps for many features ensures mobility and connectivity at all times.

The feature-rich mycloud PMS includes an intuitive and user friendly interface, reducing the learning curve for its users. There are no hidden costs or per-feature costs. A flat rate gets you the best and complete platform of features and services. Zero upfront investment in mycloud PMS, gets you all that you may have wished for in your hotelâ??s software system. Our Revenue Management tool, a first of its kind offering, helps hotels manage operations, improve occupancy and thus optimize revenues.

mycloud Hospitality has a special offer for the 2016 Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) Convention and Trade Show, being held between March 29th and 1st April at Nashville, Tennessee. Our Premium PMS pack, usually priced at $12 per room per month, will be on offer at $4 with the Channel Manager for Free, for those who sign up during the Convention.

“We have designed a solution to help hotels improve operations, revenues and understand their business in real time. By offering hotels a technology platform that, till now, was only available to big & branded hotels at huge capex and opex, we have levelled the playing field. All hotels, irrespective of their nature and size, can now compete and win a larger share of business. mycloud PMS already have satisfied users  in USA, but this is our first formal announcement. We intend to deliver exceptional value to a large community of user hotels.” says Deepak Chauhan, Vice President mycloud hospitality.

About mycloud

mycloud is developed and promoted by Prologic Firstâ?? a hospitality technology innovator and a leading international hospitality IT solutions provider.
Prologic First is a group of companies that develops and internationally markets integrated software solutions for the hospitality sector. Prologic First software solutions are in use at more than 1600 sites in 35 plus countries. Professionals formed Prologic First more than a decade ago with extensive experience in developing and deploying hotel IT solutions.â??