Summary: Aiosell’s AI-powered Revenue Management Software Designed to Optimize Hospitality Pricing is Now Featured in mycloud Hospitality’s All-in-One Property Management System.

New York, NY (12/Jun/2024): mycloud Hospitality Software announced today the addition of Aiosell Revenue Management Software (RMS) to its library of 175+ integration partners. Available for use with the company’s all-in-one cloud-based hotel Property Management Solution (PMS), the Aiosell RMS powered by artificial intelligence (AI) automates hotel room rate setting in real-time, based on dynamic factors.

Improving revenues and reducing costs with real-time data analysis and reporting, mycloud PMS provides hotel owners with a cloud-based all-in-one business solution for front and back of the house operations. With the addition of Aiosell RMS to its library of integration, mycloud PMS users can now automate pricing decisions based on AI-powered algorithms that automatically generate and update room prices on different sales channels based on dynamic internal and external factors. These include occupancy, competition pricing, booking demand, and booking day/time.

“Aiosell’s fully automated revenue management system powered by AI helps hospitality companies set and maintain optimal room rates, making strategic pricing decisions that drive maximum profits,” said Mr. Siddharth Goenka, CEO at Aiosell. “mycloud PMS properties can now use our advanced automation to improve booking rates, drive sales, and enhance revenues – all within one cloud-based platform.”

Integration of Aiosell RMS within the all-in-one mycloud Hospitality platform makes it easier for hospitality providers worldwide to secure more online bookings, using the latest in AI-powered automation to convert lookers into hotel guests. Thousands of hotels use the award-winning mycloud PMS to make data-driven business decisions that both optimize operations and improve guest experiences.

“With the integration of Aiosell’s automated revenue management software to mycloud PMS, we’re helping hospitality businesses drive revenue growth with real-time data analysis. We want hotels on our platform to benefit from AI-based revenue management for that optimizes pricing and inventory decisions by analyzing vast datasets, and market events, predicting demand fluctuations, and dynamically adjusting rates to maximize revenue. This advanced system enhances efficiency, boosts profitability, and ensures competitive pricing strategies in the ever-evolving hospitality industry” said Mr. Deepak Chauhan, vice president at mycloud Hospitality. “mycloud Hospitality offers the most comprehensive integration library in the industry, powered by our overarching vision to give hoteliers the suite they need to improve operations and make data-driven decisions in real time, across their portfolio of properties.”

Hospitality brands in 40 countries use mycloud Hospitality’s all-in-one cloud-based PMS to simplify third-party software management within a single platform. With AI-driven automation technology, customizable reports, and a PowerBI dashboard, mycloud Hospitality is delivering next-generation hotel management solutions that can be personalized for hospitality businesses of all sizes. Data-driven decision making helps business owners reduce errors, improve operations, and enhance guest services. Combining tools within one cloud-based architecture helps companies increase data security and improve performance, reliability, and integration with common hospitality industry tools.

About mycloud Hospitality
mycloud PMS, a multi-award-winning enterprise hotel PMS suite on cloud, is developed by mycloud Hospitality Software Pvt. Ltd. mycloud is available to hospitality businesses around the world, designed to help optimize and improve functions like self-check-in, contactless POS operations, multi-channel guest experience, and other core services according to customer behavior. It offers a library of over 200 interfaces, allowing hoteliers to integrate third-party software and hardware products, with operational freedom on a single platform. To discover the multi-award-winning hospitality platform, visit or email