mycloud hospitality has announced its year end offer. New users get a month free when signing up for a year, free channel manager, 50% off training & setupcost.

Christmas has come early for those contemplating buying the innovative mycloud hospitality platform. Every year, mycloud from Prologic First treats new customers to a festive offer and 2019 is no exception. Buyers who book their subscription till 25 December 2019 will benefit from a special festive gift bundle. That includes 12 months for the price of 11 months and a free channel manager. mycloud is also throwing in 50% off the setup cost and training costs.

All users have to do to take advantage of the generous offer is book mycloud now for £100 and then subscribe at any time within the next 60 days. A minimum subscription fee of £80 applies.

The 60-day window gives hoteliers plenty of time to plan for their mycloud implementation, although with a system that can be up and running in as little as four hours, disruption to business as usual is always minimal.

mycloud is the ideal hotel management software solution for establishments of all sizes, from international chains of hotels to individual motels and guesthouses. Its complete cloud system includes a suite of functions, with hoteliers able to shape their subscription to around their particular needs.

Hospitality businesses can benefit from the mycloud PMS, mycloud CRS, mycloud POS and mycloud back office systems. These allow them to operate their establishments more effectively, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies as mycloud delivers a blend of intuitive automation and bespoke reporting in order to streamline the strategic decision-making process.

By centralizing multiple operations, mycloud not only provides the opportunity for cost savings, but also delivers chain-wide control that encompasses staffing efficiencies and data consolidation. Smart metric reviews lay the foundations for tight financial control, while mycloud also makes it easy to handle multi-currency transactions.

The multi-award-winning mycloud PMS provides a powerful mobile web booking engine, an integrated channel manager (this comes free as part of the 2019 Christmas offer), front desk operations, back of house systems and management tools for maintenance and housekeeping. Its multi-faceted structure allows hoteliers to control their establishments like never before, whether they’re working on food and beverage costings, central accounts (receivable and payable), central purchasing and inventory or consolidated reporting.

Prologic First Vice President – Cloud Solutions, Deepak Chauhan, comments, “We have developed mycloud to excel on all fronts. It’s not just an advanced hospitality management platform, but a solution to a wide range of business-critical issues. Whether hoteliers’ priorities are to control costs, consolidate their reporting, make decisions faster, become more efficient or all of these at once, mycloud delivers.”

The mycloud e-POS function allows hospitality businesses to manage their food and beverage sales better, as well as any other on-site income streams, such as gift shops, spas and other point-of-sale contributors.

In terms of chain-wide management, mycloud delivers everything from intelligence on competitors’ rates to automated distribution to OTAs, with the travel agent and corporate modules having been updated relatively recently. As such, working with, Expedia, Late Rooms and their ilk has never been easier. The system also sorts multiple property contracts in a single profile format, meaning that managers can benefit from easy-to-use, collective business forecasting.

Inventories and rates (including across multiple properties) are also easy to manage, thanks to the mycloud CRS. This advanced system delivers complete operational property timelines on a single screen, as well as providing a 360-degree view of the guest experience. It tracks guest sentiment and allows for the creation of bespoke, highly targeted promotions and offers.

Every element of mycloud has been designed with enhanced operational efficiency in mind. Its flexibility, tiered pricing, and intuitive design make it simple for hoteliers to shape the system – and its cost – to their needs. And with such a generous Christmas offer in place for 2019, there’s really no excuse for the hospitality business not to start benefitting right away.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses in the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Singapore. Visit or email for further details of the multi-award-winning mycloud hospitality platform.