Summary: mycloud Hospitality integrates KePSLA’s Feedback Management system, enabling businesses to collect feedback across multiple touchpoints, and making data-driven decisions.

New York, NY (01/Jul/2024): The award-winning all-in-one cloud-based hotel solution provider mycloud Hospitality has announced a partnership with feedback management solution company KePSLA. As a result of this partnership, mycloud Hospitality integrates KePSLA’s famed Feedback Management system helping hotels and resorts across the globe improve guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making.

“We are thrilled to partner with KePSLA to bring this technology to our customers,” said Mr. Deepak Chauhan, Vice President at mycloud Hospitality. “This integration aligns with our mission to provide hoteliers with the best tools to elevate guest experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately drive revenue growth.”

mycloud Hospitality is lauded by clients for allowing them to integrate all hotel modules and set up their account with mycloud without upfront fees and enabling to set up their hotel basic PMS in 4 hours thanks to around-the-clock chat support. Additionally, mycloud PMS allows clients to access multiple properties through the same login ID, ensuring functionality across multiple properties and permits adding and creating as many users as the client deems necessary.

Applications such as KePSLA’s Feedback Management System are an example of its easy integration of additional features to the cloud hotel PMS. Hoteliers are able to customize these features which suit their property’s needs.

“KePSLA is happy to have this deep integration with one of the best-known players in the business, mycloud Hospitality. In a fragmented ecosystem of multiple players, we will all find value in building seamless integrations so that our customers benefit from both of our technologies,” said Mr. Deepak Mavinkurve, Founder & CEO at KePSLA. “With this integration, our mutual customers will now experience a real-time exchange of guest data between us so that guest concerns are handled promptly. From our prior experience of having built 17 similar integrations that are providing value to 5000+ hotels in 51 countries, we know this will bring tremendous value. We look forward to unleashing this with our partner, mycloud Hospitality.”

KePSLA, a globally known provider of customer experience management solutions for hospitality businesses, offers its cutting-edge Feedback Management system that excels in gathering and analyzing guest feedback in real-time. Through the integration with mycloud Hospitality, hoteliers are provided with valuable insights into guest preferences and operational performance, enabling informed decision-making and improved service delivery. Other added features will allow clients to collect feedback via surveys, kiosks, and social media, giving them a complete picture of their experiences before, during, and after their visit.

With its creative feedback management solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry, KePSLA stands out in the field. Their cutting-edge analytics and instantaneous feedback solutions enable lodging establishments to improve visitor contentment, operational effectiveness, and strategic decision-making.

Through this partnership, hoteliers will be able to undertake sentiment analysis, discover trends, compile feedback from various channels, and implement changes that will increase guest happiness and loyalty. Additional features include the customization of satisfaction surveys to guests, real-time response to sensitive questions or comments, and enables hoteliers to respond and publicize reviews using automated LLM solutions. Other benefits include insights from feedback, resulting in the streamlining of processes, enhancing service standards, and allocating resources optimally, all of which eventually increase operational effectiveness and visitor satisfaction.

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