Guide to Get Your Hotel PCI And GDPR Compliant

The hospitality sector over the years has been the number one recipient of attacks and data security breaches. An estimated 14% of data related incidents have happened in or around the hospitality industry. The increased attacks are most likely associated with the increased use of digital systems.

Any business which deals with information based on or derived from credit cards (as well as providing storage, processing, and even conveying the cardholder information) ought to be compliant to PCI in U. S. and ought to be compliant to GDPR in Europe region.

As a hotel owner or manager, understanding why PCI and GDPR compliant is mandatory.

So, in this ebook we'll cover:

  • How can hotel protect information in PCI
  • How should hotel handle GDPR
  • Quick steps to make hotel PCI and GDPR compliance

Download it now to strategize and plan ahead your efforts to make your hotel PCI and GDPR compliant.

Download the eBook: