Guide to do Channel Distribution Analysis and Make OTA Profitable

Over the past recent years, the hotel sector has experienced paradigm-shifting changes, particularly when it comes to hotel channel distribution. Among the many things that have been happening regarding this, you find that Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), big brands, metasearch websites and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) have all been fighting for customer attention. This, in turn, has led to hotel margins getting affected.

For it to be possible for hotels to navigate through these new trends smoothly as well as optimize their OTA channels, it is of the essence that they take a keen look at both the benefits and costs of their channel distribution. Be it direct, online, offline or even indirect channels; hoteliers should leave no stone unturned when analyzing them. By putting the best foot forward when analyzing the above-stated channels, it becomes possible for hotels to develop holistic strategies that create profit and revenue streams which are easily sustainable even in the hotel`s future operations.

As a hotel manager, understanding how to analyze channel distribution is essential and how to make OTA profitable to your business without hurting your budget.

We'll cover:

  • Techniques that hotels should use when analyzing channel distribution data
  • How to maintain continuous improvement
  • How to maximize the profitability of various channels

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