This document describes the new features, modifications, and corrections effected in mycloud Release Sprint 2A.6

This document is divided into the following sections:

1). About the Release
2). New Features
3). Modifications / Enhancements
4). Corrections / Bug Fixes
5). Known Restrictions / Issues

About the Release
Release Date: 19 DEC 2020

Modifications / Enhancements

This release contains the following modification/bug fixing.

1. [MODIFICATION] Interface => mycloud channel manager
We are happy to introduce mycloud channel manager that helps users pushing availability and rates to more than 200 OTAs. With an integrated channel manager interface, users can synchronize not only rates but inventory also in real-time from the dashboard of PMS without third-party login.

2. [MODIFICATION] POS => Reports => Add MIS Covers summary report (date range) from Touche.
mycloud Point-of-sales report has been enhanced with a covers summary report, to help your F&B department to understand the total covers served.

3. [MODIFICATION] PMS => Provide ROB report as part of Archive report inquiry.

In this release, we introduced the Rooms on Books (ROB) report under the archive report inquiry. With this report, a user may know room revenue, room nights, and ARR for a specific date in the past.

4. [MODIFICATION] PMS => Reports => DBR Modifications

* Proper sequence of revenues and outlets => Room => F&B => Laundry => SPA => Transport => Others.
* Add a new row for “Allowances” at the end of the “Revenues” section

To make daily business operations efficient, we have modified our DBR with a new row for allowances under the revenues section and proper sequencing of revenue and outlets like Room, F&B, Laundry, SPA and transport etc.

5. [MODIFICATION] PMS => Reports => ROB Modifications

ROB Report has been modified with the following modifications:

  • ROB to show data of the past 10 days and next 10 days.
  • ROB to show cancellation time, reason and canceled room nights and revenue in negative figures and will be reflected under impact section in cancellation.
  • Amendment/cancel/no-show sections will have total for Rooms/Nights/Rate/Revenue
  • All the reservations created today will be shown under “Reservations” only and amendments will be calculated for nights/agreed rate change.
  • If the reservation is from booked thru then booked thru name to be displayed otherwise guest name to be displayed for all sections wherever guest name is being displayed.

6. [ISSUE] PMS => Reports => Rooms on Books =>
ROB report that was not including reservations created on current business date and modifications modified on the business date were not affecting the revenue. The same has been corrected to showroom type, rate type, agreed rate, stay dates.

7. [ISSUE] POS => Settlement => Update check status to settled, if not settled status and check is settled completely, at times this issue was reported from production, but not simulated so for prevention step this update has been added as part of the check QA process.