This document describes the new features affected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Improvements
4. Additional Resources

About the Release
Release Date: 04-April 2024

This release contains the following new features and improvements.

👍 New Features

PMS: Express Service => Floor Wise Blocking Functionality in Auto Assign Room

We introduced a new floor wise blocking feature under the auto assign function in express service. This feature empowers users to streamline and auto assign room based on floor.

PMS: Night Audit => Introduced Night Audit Status Report

A new report titled “Night Audit Status” has been introduced under the “Night Audit Reports” section to streamline night audit monitoring, empowering users to maintain financial accuracy and compliance. This report enables users to assess the status of night audits within a specified date range, enhancing visibility into nightly financial processes.

By using this reports users can execute the report for a chosen date range, providing insights into night audit statuses leading up to the current business date.

PMS: Housekeeping => Option to Create Users Defined Different Discrepancy

The system now offers users the option to define custom discrepancy types within the housekeeping module. Users can create and configure different types of discrepancies in the Parameter Setup under the Property Management System.

PMS => Reports

Group Block Change Log Report: The Group Block Change Log report has been added under the “Manager Reports => Log Reports” section. This report provides detailed insights into changes made within group blocks. It facilitates tracking modifications, updates, and any alterations related to groups, enhancing transparency and monitoring capabilities within the system.

Foreign Exchange Report: Another report named Foreign Exchange Report has been added to the report list under “Cashiering Reports.” This report provides details on foreign currency transactions, including exchanges and any gains or losses incurred due to fluctuations in exchange rates. It enables businesses to track their foreign currency activities and analyze their financial performance in different currencies.

PMS => Manager Functions => Introduced Rate Limit Functionality

A new function has been implemented to specify minimum rates applicable for each room type when creating new reservations. By using this functions users can define minimum rates for different room types, ensuring that reservations meet specified pricing criteria.

This feature provides greater control over pricing strategies, allowing hotels to maintain minimum revenue thresholds for each room category. By setting minimum rates, properties can optimize revenue generation and prevent underselling of rooms. The introduction of minimum room rates streamlines the reservation process by automating price validation and ensuring adherence to pricing policies.

Kiosk Application

A new application has been developed specifically for deployment on kiosk machines. This application allows guests to perform self-check-in conveniently. With this innovative solution, guests can navigate through the check-in process autonomously, making it faster and more efficient. This technology enhances the guest experience by providing a seamless self-service option while streamlining operations for businesses.

🚀 Improvements

Interface => Payment => HDFC Payment Gateway (New Version)

An updated version of the HDFC payment gateway has been included in the list of available payment gateways. This update brings enhanced features and improved functionality to facilitate smoother transactions for businesses and customers.

PMS => Archive Reservation Enquiry => Reservation Search by Booked Thru

The Archive Reservation Enquiry screen has undergone modifications to facilitate searching reservations by the “Booked Thru” name. Now, users can conveniently search for reservations using the “Booked Thru” source, which has been included in the “Name” search list. This enhancement streamlines the reservation retrieval process, offering greater flexibility and ease of use for users managing bookings.

PMS => Reservation => Send Copy of Confirmation/Cancellation Letter to Property Defined Email id

The system has been upgraded to send confirmation, amendment, and cancellation letters to predefined email addresses, in addition to the guests’ email addresses. This enhancement ensures that important communication regarding reservations reaches both the guests and designated recipients, facilitating efficient communication and ensuring that all relevant parties are informed about reservation updates.

PMS => TapeChart => Show Reservations Cell Color as Per Configured on Guest Class

The Guest Class screen under parameter setup has been updated to assign a unique color to each guest class. This color association will be reflected on the tape chart, where the background of booking cells corresponding to each guest class will be painted with the respective color . This enhancement provides visual clarity and organization, allowing users to quickly identify bookings belonging to different guest classes on the tape chart.

PMS => Reports => Manager Reports => Forecast Reports => Availability Chart => Add block Number in Display

The availability chart report has been updated to display the “Block” code alongside each room type. Additionally, rooms belonging to a specific block will be grouped together in the report. This enhancement streamlines the viewing experience for users, providing them with a comprehensive overview of room availability and block allocations in a single glance.

PMS => Reports => Archive Settlement Report/Settlement Report => Show Department of The Payment

The archive settlement report or settlement report has undergone a modification to include the department of the settlement, particularly focusing on POS settlements. This enhancement allows users to gain insights into the specific department associated with each settlement, providing clarity and facilitating better analysis of POS transactions.

PMS => Reports => Manager Reports => Daily Business Report => Add MTD Last Year Column

The daily business report has been updated to include the following columns for the “MTD last year” section:

Actual: This column displays the actual financial performance metrics for the current month-to-date period of the previous year.

Budget: Reflects the budgeted financial targets for the same month-to-date period of the previous year.

Variance: Represents the variance between the actual and budgeted amounts, providing insights into the performance deviation from the set targets.

These additions facilitate a comprehensive analysis of the business’s financial performance during the corresponding period of the previous year, aiding in comparison and decision-making processes.

PMS => Reservation => Documents => Folio => Show GSTIN on Folio

The stored procedure responsible for generating Folio’s output has been updated to include the following fields in the final select statement:

• Guest GST no
• Booked thru GST no
• Booked thru tax id

These modifications enhance the completeness of the Folio’s output by providing essential information related to GST numbers and tax IDs associated with both guests and the booking entities.

POS => Cashiering => Option to Add “Potential Cost” to Employee Checks

A new feature has been implemented where a potential cost for POS items has been introduced. This potential cost will be utilized specifically for Employee check items. Currently, the system automatically takes 100% of an item’s normal price for Employee check transactions. With the introduction of potential cost, there will be a more accurate representation of the cost associated with these transactions, providing better insights into the financial aspects of employee usage.

This enhancement ensures that the cost calculation for Employee check items aligns more closely with actual costs, contributing to improved accuracy in financial reporting and analysis.

Additional Resources

To watch recorded training videos of Property Management System & Point of Sales, check out mycloud YouTube channel –