This document describes the new features and improvements affected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. About the Release
2. New Feature
3. Improvements
4. Additional Resources

About the Release

Release Date: 06-November-2023

This release contains the following new feature.

👍 New Feature

PMS: Interface => gupshup WhatsApp Business

We are introducing gupshup WhatsApp Business solution to our interface library. This integration allows hotels to send business-initiated WhatsApp messages related to booking Confirmation, Amendment, Cancellation, Pre-arrival, Check-in/out, Pre-check-out, Post-check-out, Guest Self Services, Payment Link, and POS Payment Link.

WhatsApp interface can be enabled from mycloud system admin interface configurations under the messaging interface.

*WhatsApp interface is one-way communication in this release.

If you have any queries on how to interface with gupshup WhatsApp Business, connect with us at

🚀 Improvements

PMS: CRS => Modified Tapechart, CRS Screen, and Group Proforma

The CRS front desk tape chart has been modified to show Group Name, PAX, Rooms.

The CRS group proforma has been modified to show/update the agreed rate for each day separately.

PMS: Reports => Modified Provisional Occupancy Forecast

The provisional occupancy forecast and provisional occupancy forecast – Breakup under Forecast reports are modified to execute report for 365 days.

PMS: Interface => STAAH Channel Manager => Added Rate Sync Process

The integration with STAAH channel manager is enhanced to sync rates, now rates in real-time can also be pushed to STAAH from mycloud PMS. After this enhancement, hotels can sync Rates and Inventory in real time with STAAH.

PMS: GST Invoice => Implemented SEZ/IGST in mycloud PMS and SEZ/IGST charges in Tax summary section

We have implemented “Allow SEZ reservations” option under parameter setup for SEZ GST billing.

Once SEZ Billing is enabled, Hotels can manage guest reservations with/without SEZ GST billing by checking/unchecking the “is Guest SEZ” option as per the requirement.

Post transactions bills, IGST can be managed by “update IGST Taxes” and “Undo IGST Tax Update” from the Cashering screen.

Also, the IGST break up has been added to the Tax summary section.

PMS: Reports => MIS Reports => FnB DSR

New FnB DSR has been introduced under MIS reports to understand Food and Beverage daily sales.

Additional Resources
To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –