This document describes the new features affected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:
1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Improvements
4. Additional Resources

About the Release
Release Date: 09th Jul 2023

This release contains the following new feature and improvements.

πŸ‘ New Features

Web Booking Engine => Travel Agent Login

We have introduced travel agent login to our website booking engine, by using this option your travel agents can directly login to your hotel and create bookings based on the contracts and rates offered to them.

To enable travel agent login PMS admin has to create valid contracts and contacts along with Web booking engine password in booked thru and share the booking engine link along with the user id and password to the travel agent.

Once a travel agent gets his credentials, they can visit the link toggle between guest/travel agent login and then login to the booking engine and travel agent can book, modify and search all their bookings as per the contract rates.

If you have any questions or queries on travel agent login, connect with us at

πŸš€ Improvements

PMS => Enhanced Central Reservation System

The CRS screen has been loaded with the following features.

  1. The option to add new bookings to existing booking.
  2. Save booking and send confirmation letter in a single step.
  3. Option to add/modify discount masks.
  4. CRS Proforma invoice modifications
  5. Default Market Segment/Business Source/GST number

PMS => Guest GST number to be displayed in Registration Card

Our registration card is modified to show the guest’s GST Number.

Additional Resources
To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –