This document describes the new features affected in mycloud release sprint

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. About the Release
2. New Features
3. Improvements

About the Release
Release Date: 8th Oct 2022

👍 New Features

Interface: Redesigned Login Screen

The new mycloud PMS login screen is introduced in this release. The new login screen is simplified and mycloud users can log in using a user id or email id.

If a user has access to multiple properties then the system will show all the authorized properties to select. Once the user selects a property, the system redirects to one of the following screens.

For new hotel properties where the user did not accept agreements, users get a screen having terms & conditions, privacy policy, and service level agreement details, and have to accept all of these.

Once the user accepts the terms and conditions, a general setup screen will be opened for the initial setup.

Interface: Redesigned Dashboard

In an effort to help you get the statistics you need easily, accurately and with the least amount of effort, we rolled several reports and unified the following information/graphs in mycloud dashboard.

  • Occupancy% (For past, today, and future dates)
  • Room Revenue (For past, today, and future dates)
  • Average Room Revenue (For past, today, and future dates)
  • REVPAR (For past, today, and future dates)
  • Occupancy/Availability (For past, today and future dates)
  • Revenue (For past, today and future dates)
  • Reservation Overview (For past, today and future dates)
  • Package Overview (For past, today and future dates)
  • Housekeeping status (For today dates only)
  • Sales Summary (For past dates only)
  • Collections (For past dates only)
  • Top 5 OTA (Revenue/Room Nights/ARR) (For past dates only)
  • Top 10 Market Segment (Revenue/Room Nights/ARR) (For past dates only)
  • Top 10 Business Source (Revenue/Room Nights/ARR) (For past dates only)
  • Pickup Pace (For today and future dates)
  • Fast filling dates (For today and future dates)

Interface: History and Forecast by Room Category

A new report has been introduced under the “History and forecast reports” section to identify Room Numbers, Total Room Nights, Occupancy percentage, and Room revenues by room category along with average daily rates.

Interface: Introduced QTA Interface

mycloud PMS is interfaced with Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) to help hoteliers to expand their services in Qatar. The QTA plays a critical role in the growing economic contribution of tourism and the hotel sector is an important element in the plan.

🚀 Improvements

  • Cashiering screen has been modified to include the accompanying guest name to be printed on folio.
  • Tally interface file has been modified to show payment distribution as per GST invoices payment.
  • In the night audit POS check settlement will validate the checks which were not posted to PMS.

Additional Resources
To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –