This document describes the new features, modifications and error corrections effected in release

This document is divided into the following sections:

1. New Features
2. Modifications

About the Release
Release Date: 30th June 2022

👍 New Features

WBE: New Search Widget and provide TAX break-up on Billing Section

New option to create the search widget option from Website Booking engine which can be used in iframe of the website of hotel or any other hotel parent site on which search widget to be displayed.

* In search widget we are providing single trip search only due to some technical issue with multiple search option as part of widget

Tax Break-up

We have introduced to show tax information in a pop up screen under the “room details”.

PMS: Reservations => Tourism dirham based on Room type

New auto post has been added to room type and room number, these auto post charges can be applicable on all bookings. Auto post added for room type or room number will not be displayed on “Rate plan”. These auto post charges will be qualified in Performa invoice/postings of the bookings hence affecting the reports/letters where booking stay total/other revenues to be displayed.

Posting done for these auto post can be transferred to another folio/account without transferring the room charges, means these transactions are individual transactions and are not linked to room charges.

Back Office: Show Real-time outstanding debits and credits in Central corporate accounts

We have enhanced our central corporate accounts module (booked thru) to show real-time outstanding debits and credits, this will allow reservation staff to know the outstanding balances of corporates and travel agents before accepting bookings.

PMS: Reports => Introduced Departure List Report with Date Range

New report “Departure list” has been added under post check-in reports as highlighted in next screen.

• Report can be executed for a date range (stay dates), reserve status.
• Report can be downloaded in proper excel format

PMS: Reports => Introduced Inventory Item List Report

New report “Inventory Item list” has been added under parameters reports as highlighted in next screen.

• Report can be executed for a room type or all rooms types
• Report can be downloaded in proper excel format

🚀 Improvements

  • HTNG API hotel rate plan is improved to take care of the quad rate elements.
  • Option to show block/section information on guest facing documents such as
    • Confirmation/Amendment/Cancellation letter
    • Performa Invoice
    • Registration card
    • Folio
    • Invoices
  • Daily Business reports now shows “Day use rooms” values.
  • Activities forecast reports will now show auto post charge description
  • Booked thru screen has been modified to show booked thru total outstanding including Debtor balance, in-house, forecasted and total balance
  • Guest Self Services payment link screen has been modified to have a comment box while sending the payment link through email
    • These comments will be sent in email only not in SMS.
  • “Print Voucher” option has been enabled for all type of settlement charges
  • “Archive transaction register” report can downloaded in excel template
  • Option to print/ email GST invoices If “Tally” interface has been modified

Additional Resources
To watch recorded training videos of PMS & POS, check out mycloud YouTube channel –