mycloud, the Property Management System (PMS) for hospitality businesses created by Prologic First, was recently recognized with the best usability and expert choice Software by software suggest, a popular software review platform and we are thrilled! Having the satisfaction of being recognized for our work is a great incentive to continue making everything better every day.

Software Suggest goes the extra mile every year to curate hundreds of standout software across various categories. The team evaluates by:

  • Shortlisting the features any business owner requires.
  • Comparing those features with multiple software.
  • Asking for quotations from vendors.
  • And finally presenting the perfect evaluation report.

The awards are given for products that demonstrate a commitment to providing the best solution for clients and offer outstanding quality in terms of satisfying the current needs of the B2B and SaaS markets.

On receiving notice of the award, Vice President of mycloud, Deepak Chauhan, remarked

These awards not only motivate us but also confirm the value and hard work whole team has put into developing this comprehensive platform that is helping both chain and independent hoteliers across the globe provide better guest service and at the same time take more informed and quick business decisions with the help of data and real-time statistics.

mycloud delivers an all-in-one solution to the hospitality industry. The superbly designed package integrates a web booking engine, front office system, Back office and e-POS service, providing hoteliers with a slick, fully automated way to manage their operations, review metrics and optimize revenues.

The depth of mycloud PMS offering is impressive. The system allows hoteliers to manage everything from accounts to laundry in one easy-to-use interface. They can automate distribution to OTAs, glean intelligence on competitors’ rates and manage maintenance services. They can even map out food and beverage costing, undertake multi-currency transactions and undertake chain review analysis. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

mycloud’s unique central operation capabilities ensure that hoteliers to centralized and transparent inter-departmental communication. It also allows for real-time broadcasting of hotel rates and availability across numerous booking channels, which decreases all operational costs. Still, the biggest benefit of such a platform is that it allows guests to book directly through the hotel website, meaning that a hotel avoids paying OTAs a commission for reaching their capacity.

Indeed, the cloud-based hospitality platform is suitable for everything from boutique hotels to motel brands to luxury chains. The tiered pricing plans ensure that each customer can pick a package that is shaped to suit their own particular needs, with a budget to match.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses in the UK, USA, UAE, Philippines, Thailand, India and Singapore. For further details, visit or email

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