Technology development affected many industries. The internet has become the primary way of communicating, which changed our approach to shopping, paying, and even making reservations. Since we already have so many benefits related to all aspects of businesses, why not to take advantage of them?

Using advanced features of cloud hotel software and hotel industry trends, every hotelier can improve its business and increase direct bookings. Let's find out how to use these modern tools and what to change to increase direct bookings.

1. Mobile-Friendly Hotel Web Booking Engine

People use their smartphones to take photos, check the weather, watch YouTube clips, shop, and even to book accommodations in hotels. If you want to get closer to your customers and improve the user experience, you should create a mobile-friendly website. Allowing fast loading, a full content overview, and a chatbots option over a mobile-friendly website will lead to increased sales.

The implementation of such software can help you in all areas of business, including:

Booking engine

Hotel Booking Software can help you monitor all bookings and deal with many issues related to booking processes. Software for booking management will provide you with a booking engine on your website, a WordPress plugin, supported booking on your social media pages, a review-your-booking feature, and much more.

Besides, such software will alert you of all new bookings. Furthermore, you should consider translating your website into various languages following hotel industry trends.

Communication with guests

Customers experience is vital for success in this business. Hotel Booking Software provides us with customized emails, SMS templates, automated messages related to check-ins and check-outs, and many more automated communication options.

Additionally, a mobile-friendly website should include a chat platform. By using a mobile-friendly website with an integrated chat platform, you'll allow live chat and more available requests and questions, which will improve the user experience. Potential guests will be able to get all the information they need by using their smartphones.

2. Use Social Media

Today, social media websites have integrated algorithms for marketing, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Besides, you can collect users' information and see insights, which also can lead to increased direct bookings.

These sites also have integrated chat platforms, and users feel more comfortable if they can contact you over social media. Since most people have social media profiles, and they use these platforms every single day, this kind of online communication is more natural than communication over email or website.

3. Simple Booking Process

The most important thing in this business is the user experience. Since your goal is to get more direct bookings, you should put more effort into this aspect of your business.

A simple booking process means more customers. If you allow your potential guests to book accommodations using various platforms, you will be able to reach a wider audience. You should enable direct bookings over a mobile-friendly website and through social media.

Booking over social media should be connected to your website or hotel booking software. By allowing direct bookings both over social media and your site directly from a smartphone, you will provide users with an excellent experience. The booking process shouldn't cause any stress to your potential customers, allow guest to make a booking in less number of clicks so you should find a simple and direct approach.

Hotel Revenue Management Software

After you improve your booking options, it's time for revenue management. Hotel Revenue Management Software will improve payment processing & invoicing and will follow hotel industry trends.

Payment processing

Hotel Revenue Management Software will provide your customers with the best experience, and you and your employees will be able to manage all payments and invoices more easily. For the best results, you should provide your customers with a connection to online payment providers using Hotel Revenue Management Software.

Besides, you'll be able to take payments online at the time of the booking through a third party. Another benefit of such software is that you'll be able to create invoices and cash receipts easier.