The labor shortage is a growing concern among US-based industries, but the hospitality industry is affected by this problem disproportionately. The pandemic was a major headache for hoteliers nationwide since it disrupted the entire industry’s normal functioning. But it also led to the departure of hotel employees. In 2023, over 8 in 10 were facing labor shortages; however, these numbers have improved significantly in less than a year. Today, only 67% of hotels are facing labor shortages.

However, integrating hotel management software into the everyday functioning of your establishment will allow you to run the hotel with minimal staffing requirements. That’s the benefit of implementing automation in hospitality, i.e., your hotel operations rely less on manual labor and more on the integrated PMS. In this blog, you’ll see why choosing the ideal hotel PMS makes workers more productive.

A productive team enhances your guests’ experience at the hotel and increases your establishment’s profitability. Let’s explore this topic here in detail.

8 Reasons Why Hotel Management Software is Vital for Worker Productivity

Automation Streamlines Workflow
Tech tools overtake mundane tasks and automate hotel operations of a repetitive nature. These repetitive tasks are more vulnerable to errors and mistakes. Also, integrating technology into hotel operations easily rids the workforce of monotonous tasks.

As a result, your employees are free to indulge in creative endeavors, highlighting their innovative spirits. You can simply automate these aspects of running a hotel:

• Checking in and out of hotel rooms
• Managing your inventory
• Billing and payment systems
• Accessing/updating guest data
• Maintaining housekeeping schedule

Facilitates Employee Collaboration
Employees are much more productive when they communicate with each other efficiently. For example, when housekeepers send/receive feedback easily, it shows them what sort of high standards they must meet to improve a guest’s experience staying at the hotel. Tech-powered effective communication will lead to a well-organized, swift-acting workplace, i.e., higher revenue opportunities.

A PMS tool also overcomes language barriers. It’s noted that 60% of hospitality workers in the UK don’t speak English as their native language. However, in-line translation features will help these employees easily understand a guest’s instructions and even provide seamless customer services globally.

Introducing the DDDM
Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) dominates the current hospitality landscape. This is a vital aspect of managing hospitality establishments that every hotel management software solution will provide. A DDDM-based solution takes the guesswork out of the question and uses cold, hard facts (i.e., data) to make the right decision every time.

It lets hotel managers monitor guest behavior to send personalized emails, offers, or news. It makes the receptionist’s job easier and lets them anticipate every guest’s needs.

Centralizing the Calendar
Hotel operations technology includes a centralized calendar that allows the housekeeping staff to easily coordinate on important tasks, such as guest reservations, without hassle while optimizing resources in a much energy-efficient manner.

As the hotel manager, you can streamline their morning routine and focus on bigger-picture stuff. When the staff starts coordinating efficiently, it’ll directly improve guest experiences and significantly boost the workforce’s productivity.

For instance, the staff members can use this technology to learn which rooms are being serviced right now or which employees will take a day off in the upcoming week.

That’s how a centralized calendar lets hoteliers allocate human resources efficiently and enables the staff to coordinate their efforts for the best outcomes in terms of increased guest satisfaction and swift task completion.

Minimizing Employee Workload
A survey shows that over one-half of hospitality workers in the UK are overworked. It usually happens when hotel managers can’t manage labor according to the hotel’s seasonal needs. However, hotel operations technology allows employees to predict how many workers will be needed during free, busy, and quiet periods.

For example, hoteliers can connect occupancy rates with housekeeping to ensure all tasks are distributed fairly and nobody is assigned more work than their fair share.

Better Time Management
The beauty of automation lies in how effectively it overtakes manual labor so employees can have more time to focus on improving guest experience and satisfaction levels. It allows hotel workers to manage their time more effectively by indulging in different tasks. As a result:

• Accelerated housekeeping services
• Reduced check-in/check-out services
• More face-to-face interactions with guests

Improving guest experience is crucial for every establishment in the hospitality industry. Thanks to AI, hotel workers can perform this vital aspect of their job more successfully than ever before!

Recovering Lost/Loaned Items
Do you know that 54% of travelers and guests have admitted to losing their belongings while staying in a hotel? You can now tackle this issue – and make your staff’s job easier – by leveraging the software used in hotels. So, you can set up an automated lost-and-found feature that streamlines the entire process of recovering lost/loan items.

This navigation-friendly feature allows workers to take a picture of the lost and found item. A PMS offers a feature to track these lost/loaned items. This friendly feature creates a description of the item, and then the receptionist simply has to enter the right keyword to check if this item is in the inventory.

Enhancing Job Satisfaction
Imagine you’ve implemented hotel management software in your operations, and workers have access to a phone-based app that keeps them updated on any pressing needs. Many hotels today are plagued by plumbing issues ranging from blocked/burst pipes to leaks. These issues don’t just take a lot of time to be fixed but also drive customers away; guests are reluctant to staying in an establishment with such issues. However, plumbing issues in bathrooms don’t always have to be a messy hassle.

Addressing these issues proactively will improve guest satisfaction and hotel occupancy rates. Using tech tools like phone apps will help workers track and fix plumbing issues quickly. A worker will immediately get a ping on their phone app. The worker will arrive at the scene and inform the manager via the same app by sharing the room number. This way, technology expedites problem-solving.

You’ll be able to keep your business running, and your guests will appreciate their warm showers after a long day of travel or activities. Technology and automation will make your staff’s lives easier and make them more productive without overburdening them with additional responsibilities.

Why Choose mycloud PMS?
The global hotel management software industry has a market size of over $900 million as of 2024. Lots of fantastic and average options are available online; however, you should only choose the best solution to boost worker productivity.

With its library of 200+ interfaces and an easily affordable pricing plan, mycloud PMS reigns supreme as the ultimate hotel management system, approved by 34% of luxury hotels and many other members of the hospitality industry. The affordability and navigation-friendliness of mycloud PMS have earned it the prestigious Certificate of Excellence award by HotelTechReport thrice in a row (2021 to 2023). If you are looking to pair your hotel with the perfect software to achieve hospitality excellence, then consider only the best options in the market.

Bear in mind that investing in top hotel software options like mycloud PMS can make your employees more productive. Just as we mentioned in the beginning, a productive team is more than important to a better guest experience and increases your hotel establishment’s productivity.

Wrapping Up
You learned why the software used in hotels is vital for employee productivity. It streamlines lots of mundane, repetitive tasks, increases job satisfaction, and reduces the risk of error in crucial tasks. As a hotelier, you should consider integrating hotel operations technology into your establishment’s daily functioning. Choose the right PMS solution to make your workforce’s lives easier.

In today’s competitive market, the right software can be the key to breaking free from the industry slowdown and achieving new levels of success. Streamline your operations and improve your guest experience with a hotel management solution like mycloud. Book a free demo to see how it can help you maximize efficiency and revenue.

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