In the present age and time, there is little room, if any, for hoteliers to merely provide their hotel guests with decent places to sleep and count it as a job well done. On the contrary, this would be detrimental to their hotels because hotel guests have developed a high affinity for remarkable experiences when they visit any particular hotel.

Guests have a high likelihood of returning to a hotel if they are swept off their feet by the experience that they had there. In addition to this, there is an increased tendency of them becoming loyal customers and for those who are not in a position of visiting frequently, the hotel’s great impression on them could be reflected in the exceptional online reviews that they will write.

In this ebook, we will cover:-

  • What is essence to create exceptional guest experience?
  • How Happy staff can help to achieve quality of service
  • Analyze guest feedback and how to act on it
  • Personalize the experience by use of PMS insights