Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion, this festival is celebrated differently across the Globe. In United States, 80% of people celebrate Easter by distributing painted eggs and baskets of sweets. Kids in United Kingdom go on hunts for the chocolate eggs that are left by Easter Bunny, while many central & eastern Europeans decorate painted eggs.

Given its status as a $15 billion industry, it’s no wonder thousands of businesses compete for consumer dollars during the holiday’s season, as a business, though, you must make Easter to be more than Easter baskets—much more! That is to say, you don’t have to sell chocolate bunnies to cash in on Easter. What you do need, however, is a powerful Easter marketing strategy.

Here are 10 ideas that will help you celebrate its real meaning

So, here’s ways you can get your guests involved:
Host Events – Many travelers prefer to spend time and enjoy the long Easter weekend with their family. Hosting exciting events and activities for all age group is important not only to score with night guest but to build relationship in locality also.
Easter Meal – If your hotel has a restaurant, hosting an Easter brunch is an easy decision. You likely already offer the special meal on regular weekends, which means all you require is a little Easter-themed spruce for the special event. Consider utilizing spring blooms in your centerpieces, including clues of pastel, and possibly collapsing the table linens into small Easter bunnies.
Egg hunt – Interested in going past a traditional Sunday meal? Easter egg hunt is an excellent activity to get the family outside and moving around after filling them up with eggs Benedict. Furthermore, they can exactly as elaborate as you choose to make them. Depending on the time and resources you need to put resources into the occasion you can go as basic as hiding plastic eggs loaded with treat on-property or as complex as an off-site, technology-mediated hunt.
Other thoughts – Looking for different approaches to make the occasion special for your visitors? Egg decorating and petting zoos are dependably a hit with the children (and numerous adults!). In any case what activities you choose to offer, make sure to click pictures! They can be utilized for social media posts simply following the occasion and also in showcasing guarantee for the following year.
Make a Special Package – Whatever occasions and activities you choose to offer at your Hotel, you should consider making an extraordinary Easter package to gain by the occasion. In case you’re facilitating an event, incorporate tickets to it. If not, spruce up the package with Easter chocolates and breakfast at your restaurant.
Promote – Once you’ve done all the diligent work of putting together extraordinary Easter occasion and packages, you have to promote them! Not surprisingly, special endeavors ought to incorporate strategies for social media and email.
Social Media – As the event gets closer, start sharing Easter-themed content that shows how energized your property is to celebrate. This can even incorporate in the background photographs or videos of staff planning for the Weekend. In addition, posts that promote your special packages and on-site activities, you could likewise hold social media contests (where followers must like and remark on your content for an opportunity to win). Invite your Facebook fans to submit their favorite Easter photos, then promise a prize to the winning entry. Ask your other fans to vote for the best photo, then give away something really cool to keep fans happy and interested. You’ll also get to promote your products and services along the way.
Email campaign – Never miss the opportunity for a good email campaign. Holidays are an incredible motivation to send a note to all guests in your database. Wish them a cheerful Easter and invite them to come down and celebrate with you.
Decorate – Decorating your property is the last (and most fun!) advance for Easter weekend arrangements. The guests have committed, so now you simply need to make the place merry. Adorn the front desk and guest rooms with crisp flowers, Easter eggs, and complimentary chocolates.

Have fun! And don’t forget to let us know what works best for you.

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